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Rick Ford

Rick Ford

Audio Consultant

Detroit, MI

Call/Text: 248.918.4570

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Meet Richard Ford, an accomplished musician born and raised in Flint, Michigan. Richard’s interest in music started when he was inspired by his sister's performances in the school band. He began his journey playing drums and percussion, but his interest in bass guitar grew over time, and it eventually became his primary instrument. When Richard turned 14, he was given a Tascam 4­-Track Portastudio tape recorder, and his love for multitrack recording has never faded.

At 18, Richard began playing music professionally—he’s currently the bassist for The Midwest Riders, who play country with heavy rock and blues influences. When Richard isn't making music, he enjoys mountain biking, which allows him to disconnect from the world while getting a workout and enjoying nature.

Richard has been working as a pro audio and music sales consultant for over a decade and is thrilled to bring his skills to the Vintage King team. Most of all, he’s excited to learn about the latest audio gear, get more familiar with classic analog pieces, and make lasting connections with people in the industry.

Q & A

What does your current bass rig look like?
My rig currently consists of my main instrument, my Lakland 55­60 Custom bass, into either a Line 6 HX Stomp or my trusty Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe pedal—a modest but often changing pedal board. Then into a Crown XLS1500 power amp followed by a pair of Mark Bass Ninja 122 cabs.

Who are some of your favorite musical artists?
My taste in music is fairly broad. I try to keep an open mind and if it sounds good to me, I’ll dig into it. One of my favorite bands is Vulfpeck and all of their associated acts. I can’t get enough of the simple funky grooves and Joe Dar’ts bass lines are super tasty. I’m also into Left Behind, Every Time I Die, Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson, The Allman Brothers, Parliament/Funkadelic, Black Sabbath, Steely Dan, and many more.