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Miles Malin

Miles Malin

Audio Consultant

Chicago, IL

Call/Text: 248.955.9022

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Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Miles Malin got his start playing in bands at an early age, touring the Chicago club circuit before entering high school. Miles cut his teeth in the music production environment via arranging and producing for his own projects—eventually, he started working in studio environments learning to record to tape. "All of the records that I love were recorded to tape with very limited technology and tracking capabilities. Pet Sounds was recorded on a 4-track machine."

In his audio consultant role at Vintage King, Miles is excited to bring his musician's perspective to the team. "The most inspiring part of the recording process for me is seeing a raw idea flourish into a song. I think it's really magical." Malin's favorite addition to his gear collection is, of course, his tape machine, a Tascam 388. Learning to embrace the imperfections that come with analog tape, Miles prefers songs that embrace vibe and character over technical details.

Like most of the team here at VK, Miles is a self-professed gear hoarder. "Once I started building up my personal studio, I got bit by the Gear Bug. I was a customer with Vintage King first and once I learned more about the culture, I jumped on board!"

Q & A

What record do you point to as an example of perfect music production? Why?
Without sounding too cliché, I have to say Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. The combination of the incredible songwriting, performances by the band, production and overall vibe make it a masterpiece!

What else are you interested in, besides music?
I'm also interested in nature, sustainability and regenerative agriculture.

Who's one of your favorite artists, and why?
Jeff Lynne from Electric Light Orchestra. The man has produced and written some of the most iconic songs and albums of all time. What's not to love about Jeff?