Matt Knobel

Matt Knobel

Audio Consultant

Nashville, TN

615.866.5015 x129

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Born in Florida, raised in Queens, Matt Knobel has spent his life surrounded by music, beginning with playing drums in neighborhood rock bands after being inspired by the cover of Kiss Dressed to Kill. Moving from behind the kit to in front of the mixing desk, the young musician started at The Center For Media Arts, studying in the recording and engineering department.

Matt's education led him to working in the hottest studios around New York including Media Sound, Platinum Island and Power Station. While his passion for recording was at a fever pitch, a chance encounter with NYC-based keyboardist Dave Lebolt led him to touring the world as a keyboard tech with Billy Joel and his band.

After spending some time in the South Pacific with Joel’s touring entourage, Matt returned to the Chief Engineer role at one of New York’s more prolific jingle production companies. From working with large scale clients like Visa and Coca-Cola, Matt’s impressive skill-set and reputation eventually landed him a gig setting up a Pro Tools rig for Lenny Kravitz. This four-day job turned into a 18+ year working relationship with Kravitz, as he would eventually become the Chief Engineer and Director of Operations at The Studio at The Setai.

An industry vet with years of knowledge, Matt has been a part of the Vintage King sales staff since 2015. Whether you’re looking for a microphone to compliment your studio space or a new 500 Series to revolutionize your sound, Matt will be a more-than-worthy ally in the fight for an amazing audio. And he's liable to do so while standing on his head... No, seriously, he can actually stand on his head.

Q & A

What is your favorite piece of gear?
My speakers: ATC SCM 50s.

How did you become interested in recording?
Hanging out and making jazz records with my cousin in the studio.

What is the best piece of recording or production advice you've ever received?
1 - Shut up and listen.
2 - The kick drum should be the loudest thing in the mix.


  • My family and I recently had the opportunity to visit Los Angeles on vacation. My son is a college student studying audio engineering and a big fan of Vintage King. On a recent visit to Tennessee we stopped by your studio on a pop-by, but this time, we wanted to make sure and get the full treatment.

    My son’s idea of vacation, getting fully immersed in the latest gear. He scheduled a visit with Matt Knobel and we were not disappointed. The care and attention to detail shown by Matt were superb. I have spent almost 30 years on and off as a part time band member in church bands and have even done a few vocal recording sessions, but I’ve never paid a lot of attention to the intricacies of the recording side of the business. Matt gave us a short course in audio recording that was worth its weight in gold. He took a personal interest in my son and gave him some real world advice to help his future.

    I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful experience. This has seriously elevated my opinion of Vintage King.

    Chris C.

  • First off, Every time I open an e-mail from you I can not believe how fast and easy you have been to deal with. Thank you Matt. Based on that alone I already know I'm finalizing my buying from you guys. I've never had someone so willing to go through the paces with me like this without me feeling pressured to hurry up and buy. I don't think I'll ever do business with anyone else after this. You are a pleasure to talk to and you made my budget work.

    Ian Petersen, producer/engineer

  • I just want to thank you again for the best experiences, consistently, with music equipment procuring. I never knew it could actually be enjoyable and satisfying. You are 100% to the max and Vintage King is genuinely cool.

    Growing up going to get gear was not enjoyable nor cool. It was exciting because, well, new gear. But generally always ether felt like being at a car dealership or being in some touchy weirdo's living room.

    You guys are the best. I am pleased to know you.

    Adam Arcuragi

  • I can’t thank you and VK enough, for helping me get closer to working with good audio quality. Your advice to consider the Hilo was simply a brilliant recommendation.

    While I already had a CV-12 and (2) 511’s, the additional CV-12 and (2) 511’s I purchased from VK are all getting good use. In retrospect, I am glad I also persevered in purchasing the 5059; the audio is remarkably more pleasing to hear than before.

    Finally Matt, thank you for taking time to school me a bit on sound perception and equipment. When we are struggling with something and somebody who’s been through it lends a kind word, it can mean a lot.

    Well, as you know, there is always more gear to buy, so we will certainly stay in touch. Perhaps we can schedule a ‘video’ mix session of my song together, sometime.

    Michael Kahleel