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Josh Colby

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Nashville, TN

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Josh "The Funky Drummer" Colby started out on the kit at an early age, introduced to the instrument by his drummer father with some added inspiration from Neil Peart and Rush. Discovering the band Alexisonfire as a teenager, Josh began learning guitar and found a love for writing songs.

Going into the studio with his band at 14, he caught the recording bug and hit the books after the very first day of that session, researching whatever he could find about home recording. He was immediately intrigued by the process of capturing sound.

Fast forward a few years, Josh received degrees from Oakland University and SAE Institute Nashville in Recording Arts. He then moved from Michigan to Nashville, acquired a veritable zoo at home together with his wife, and got a song he produced on an ABC Family TV show.

Josh enjoys being a part of the passion at Vintage King and loves building long-lasting relationships with his clients who come to see him at the Nashville showroom. Stop by to talk gear or even aviation — he hopes to own a Cessna some day. Don't fly away, Josh!

Q & A

What is the most inspiring part of the recording process, for you?
The most inspiring part of the recording process for me is the fact that I learn something new in every session and every mix that I do.

What piece of gear changed how people work the most?
The Presonus Firepod, I feel, really gave a huge jump start to home recording.

What record do you point to as an example of perfect music production? Why?
Deftones' White Pony has always been one of my favorite records. I am a huge fan of great drum sounds and this record nails it. For me, the drum sound can really make or break a record.


  • Josh Colby is the best rep I’ve ever had. Worked through several ideas with me of what I wanted to accomplish, and gave me the best possible experience in purchasing the equipment I needed. Will shop with Vintage King forevermore, thanks to my experience with Josh and the store in Berry Hill, TN.


  • Josh Colby was a great help to me and always got back to me quickly. Very knowledgeable and has similar taste in gear.