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Eric Brody

Eric Brody

Audio Consultant

Los Angeles, CA

Call/Text: 213.814.4467

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Sometimes you can see the entire path through the forest right when you step on the trail. Such was the case for Vintage King's Eric Brody. The New Jersey native knew he was destined to work in music from the second he got hands-on with his first guitar.

"I knew I wanted to be a musician since I was about seven-years-old when I first started playing guitar," Eric says. "I used to have so much fun stringing together ridiculous riffs. I was concerned with nothing more than having fun. I've carried the mantra to 'try to have fun' with music throughout all of my musical endeavors."

Playing guitar led to joining garage bands with friends and recording with a trusty old four-channel Fostex recorder. Eric began experimenting more and more with synths, pedals and samplers, eventually landing in the world of DAWs and MIDI control surfaces. Ultimately, Eric funneled his growing interest in recording into getting a Bachelor's Degree in Music Business from New York University.

After getting his degree, Eric would gain experience working as an Assistant Engineer at Downtown Music Studios in New York City. He spent time cutting his teeth on sessions with Halsey, Migos, Kendrick Lamar and more, all the while gaining access to the studio's large format consoles, extensive outboard collection and incredible microphone locker.

The next step in Eric's career would find him joining Native Instruments as a Product Specialist. His work included educating customers about products and creating community outreach efforts on behalf of the company. Eric helped establish relationships between Native Instruments and several non-profit organizations that helped show a new group of music makers how to create.

"My work as a product specialist for Native Instruments has been incredibly fulfilling," Eric states. "Over the past four years, I've connected the company with a number of non-profit and educational organizations such as Building Beats, Gender Amplified, and the Nvak Organization."

In Eric's new role at Vintage King as an Audio Consultant, the life-long East Coaster has settled in at Vintage King Los Angeles. He looks forward to helping customers in the showroom and clients from across the world simplify their studio workflow and achieve the best results possible.

"I want to Inspire them to streamline their creative process," Eric says. "I love when a client expresses their excitement from having a whole new way of looking at their equipment."

Q & A

How would you describe your approach to making music or working on audio?
After years of over-producing and over-mixing projects, I've learned how to simplify my approach to music production, songwriting and mixing. For myself, I find that less is often always more, and yet trial, error, and failure are crucial elements in developing successful techniques.

Fave mic? Fave outboard gear? Fave plug-in?
I remember drooling over gear magazines with my buddies around the cafeteria table during lunchtime in high school. That's when I first learned about the release of Native Instruments' Maschine. I went home that day and immediately went to pick one up.

Since then, the Maschine hardware controller and its seamlessly interconnected software platform have essentially been an extension of my brain. Maschine helps me capture simple moments in time and feelings with sound in a way that doesn't feel tedious or laborious to me.

I love recording with the Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387, the Neumann TLM49, and the Shure SM7B.

I also love the Universal Audio Apollo. UAD Octo Satellite, and UAD 4-710d preamp. The Universal Audio plug-ins have become a major part of my mixing process and the Unison technology can be used in amazing ways to process live vocals.

What record do you point to as an example of perfect music production? Why?
John Mayer - Continuum. An incredibly produced, stripped-to-basics album with elements of soft-funk, R&B, folk and pop. John Mayer describes his process creating the album in an amazing documentary about him called Someday I'll Fly. I've always been really inspired by the great uniformity of the album's vision and, of course, the amazing songs on it.