Darrin Fendley

Darrin Fendley

Audio Consultant

Detroit, MI

248.591.9276 x108

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Before joining Vintage King, Darrin Fendley learned the ins and outs of maintaining a successful recording studio firsthand, as a founder and owner of Roshambo Studios in Hazel Park, MI. From engineering and producing to buying gear and studio maintenance, Darrin did it all.

Darrin first heard about Vintage King Audio while working with Mark and Jeff Bass, the team that wrote and produced many of Eminem’s early records at F.B.T. Studios. The Bass Brothers had been purchasing gear from Vintage King, and Darrin was impressed with the company's sales representatives' level of honesty, as well as the overall style of how they conducted business.

In late 2005, Darrin began working in Vintage King’s shipping department. By the end of the year, he accepted a national sales position and has been working directly with clientele in our showroom in Nashville and headquarters in Detroit ever since. Darrin continues to draw from his studio owner experience and uses it to address his clients' needs and give them the best possible options for their own studios.

When Darrin isn’t talking shop with customers, he's likely rockclimbing or out on the trail backpacking. If he's not out in the wild, he's most likely out catching live music and watching out for the next big band on the rise.

Q & A

What is your favorite piece of gear?
I have my favorites from my studio, which include my Calrec console, Neve 33610, EMT 140 or Coles 4038. Take your pick. I can’t work without any of them. Then, there are my favorite pieces of gear of all time, like the Retro 176, Bricasti M7, Roland RE 501 (never should have sold mine), Neumann UM57, Wunder CM7, Gefell M300, Pultec, DBX 165 and Mercury M76... I really just can’t pick one favorite piece. For me it’s not the way one piece changes my tone, it’s the way it all works together.

What piece of gear do you think changed history?
I think it comes down to the Multi-Track tape deck. Thank you, Les Paul.


  • Thank you for amazing service, look forward doing business with you again. Gear is unfortunately a thing you can never get enough of :)

    Benjamin, Faroe Islands

  • Just wanted to say that I was very happy with Darrin Fendley’s handling of my console sale / purchasing of new setup. It was very complicated and he was great - knowledgeable, responsive, smart. You got a good one there.

    Doug McBride, Gravity Studios, Chicago

  • You guys have excellent customer service & I am excited about the next upgrade I do to my 5th recording facility in my 40+ yrs in the studio business. The guy that took my order (Darrin Fendley) was the best of the best & you all rock!

    Robby T.

  • We are really looking forward to the new SSL and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your help. From talking through the decision with us, referring us to Jeff at All Media Capital, putting together the cabling quote, working with us on price, you have been fantastic to work with. We will be working with Darrin at Vintage King from now on.

    Derek H.

  • I am greatly satisfied with the outstanding service you gave me regarding my purchase of the Mellotron M4000D. I had many questions concerning shipping and the method of payment. You were more than gracious in helping me resolve any issues I had, and you did so quickly and efficiently while being patient and waiting for me while I secured credit to make the purchase. I can't thank you enough! I would consider a future purchase from Vintage King because of your outstanding service.

    John D.