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Cristian Perez

Cristian Perez

Showroom Consultant

Los Angeles, CA

Call/Text: 213.224.6563

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Originally from Ashburn, VA, Cristian Perez, brings a wealth of knowledge to the Vintage King team, fueled by his experience as a musician—from gigging with Boston wedding bands while attending Berklee College of Music to becoming the vocalist for the New York-based band JIA.

As a music maker, Cristian's interest in music was sparked by an old Three Days Grace record, and he's been practicing and perfecting his craft ever since. He has an impressive setup that includes an Apollo Twin, Genelec 8010a's, Beyerdynamic DT 770, a TLM 102, a Sony C100, and a Neural DSP Quad Cortex. He relies on UAD plugins like the Manley Voxbox, LA2A Legacy, and Avalon VT737, depending on what a particular song requires.

He also has an Ableton Push 2, a Native Instruments 25-key MIDI keyboard, a Dingwall NG2 bass, and a custom-built Kiesel Zeus. For fun, he has a couple of Darkglass pedals (the Alpha Omega and the Hyperluminal compressor) and a Highwind Direwolf for reamping guitars.

Q & A

Who are some of your favorite musicians?
Currently, my favorite artists are Sleeptoken, The Weeknd, Issues, and Spiritbox. I've always gravitated toward innovative sounds and music that bends or breaks current conventions. These artists have consistently come about and changed the game in their respective genres.

What hobbies do you enjoy?
My taste in music is fairly broad. I try to keep an open mind and if it sounds good to me, I’ll dig into it. One of my favorite bands is Vulfpeck and all of their associated acts. I really enjoy playing video games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, and League of Legends. I also enjoy reading books in my free time to learn new ideas about marketing, psychology, or finance.