Arturia AudioFuse Audio Interface - Dark Black

– No Longer Available
Desktop audio interface superior sound of high-end analog studio consoles with the flexibility of a solid mobile interface - dark black
MFR# 810101_B
Arturia AudioFuse Audio Interface - Dark Black
Arturia AudioFuse Audio Interface - Dark Black Arturia AudioFuse Audio Interface - Dark Black Arturia AudioFuse Audio Interface - Dark Black
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You're making tomorrow's music... so why settle for yesterday's interface? The Arturia AudioFuse Audio Interface is the revolutionary pro audio interface that sets a new standard in sonic quality, creative production and value. It fuses the superior sound of high-end analog studio consoles with the flexibility of a solid mobile interface—with all the connectivity you need for any recording or performance.


Pro studio quality was the mantra right from the start with AudioFuse. Now you can transform your desktop, hotel room, concert—whatever, wherever—into a studio with world-class sound.

No compromises, each element of the AudioFuse has been selected to perfectly serve your sound, such as the two proprietary DiscretePRO microphone preamplifiers and the set of top-notch AD/DA converters.

Saving the purity of your sound and the passion it conveys is what AudioFuse is all about.


With AudioFuse, Arturia didn’t want to settle for merely bringing you the sound quality of a pro studio, Arturia wanted to bring you its workflow too. That’s why you have detailed metering, talkback for instant communication with talent in the next room, inserts to add professional effects processing to your recording chain, A/B monitor switching, and direct access to the essential features so you can spend more time creating and less time setting up.


Wherever it comes from, whatever it has to travel through, and wherever it needs to go, AudioFuse will guide your sound. AudioFuse connects with virtually everything: mics, instruments, turntables, studio equipment, Mac, PC, Linux, tablets, even iOS and Android phones. It all happens with a round-trip latency as low as 3 milliseconds so you'll feel right in the groove every time.


When you know your equipment is the best of the best, creativity can take care of itself. When it is all about giving the best of yourself being able to rely on the best technologies becomes crucial. The lowest harmonic distortion, the most linear frequency response, the highest signal-to-noise ratio and the shortest latency, these technical terms may seem far removed from your creative process, but they are essential to delivering your music in the highest quality possible.


Capture the moment—at home, in the studio, on the road, or wherever creativity strikes. AudioFuse has a super-solid aluminum chassis you can trust, complete with a hard cover to protect it from damage in your bag—or even just dust on your desktop. The build quality goes far beyond a great-looking exterior, as well. Your unit has to pass rigorous testing before it can be packed and shipped. It even comes with a test specification printout of your exact unit. Meet your new best friend for the studio and stage.


  • Inserts: Add external line-level devices such as compressors into the signal flow before digital conversion
  • MIDI in/out: Connect any MIDI instrument or equipment with the supplied MIDI cable adapters
  • Word Clock & S/PDIF in/out: Sync any Word Clock equipment or connect to any S/PDIF digital audio device
  • ADAT in/out: Connect to any ADAT equipment with up to 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs
  • USB hub: 3-port USB hub to connect your master keyboard, USB stick, dongle, and more
  • USB connection: Connect AudioFuse to your computer, tablet or phone. Most features are available even with only the USB power supplied by a computer
  • Phono/line inputs 3&4: Connect external phono or line devices to these RCA+ground and balanced 1/4” inputs
  • Speaker outputs A&B: Connect two pairs of speakers to these balanced 1/4” outputs for easy A/B monitor switching
  • Input control sections 1&2: Direct access to each feature of analog inputs 1&2 - input gain with VU-metering, true 48 V, phase invert, -20 dB pad and instrument mode
  • Output control section: Direct access to each of the analog output features - output level with VU-metering, audio mix selection, mono mode, output dimming, mute, and speaker A/B selection
  • Direct monitoring: Enjoy zero-latency monitoring of the recorded signals and blend them into your mix.
  • Phones control sections 1&2: Direct access to each of the features of headphone outputs 1&2 - output level, mono mode and audio mix selection
  • Talkback: Press a button to communicate with talent in another room via the built-in microphone
  • Input channels 1&2: Connect microphones, instruments or line devices to the 2 XLR/balanced 1/4” combo inputs
  • Phones output channels 1&2: Don’t bother looking for a 1/4” or 1/8” phones adapter; AudioFuse has both connectors for each phones output

Additional Information

Condition New
Chassis Desktop
Digital Inputs 8
Analog Inputs 4
Input Connectors Digital RCA, XLR Combo, RCA, Optical, BNC
Digital Outputs 8
Analog Outputs 4
Output Connectors 1/4 in. TRS, Optical, BNC, Digital RCA
Computer Connection USB
Number of Preamps 2
MIDI Connections In, Out
Clock I/O In, Out
Maximum Sampling Rate 192 kHz
Digital Format S/PDIF, ADAT
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