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Applied Acoustics Ultra FX - Electronic Delivery

Suite of 128 highly customizable sound ideas, room tones, sound effects
Applied Acoustics Ultra FX - Electronic Delivery
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Applied Acoustics Ultra FX is a must-have complement of highly customizable sound ideas, room tones, and sound effects perfect for sound designers doing films, animations, or video games. It's also a whole lot of fun!


  • 7am
  • Alien
  • Aluminum Rain
  • An Emergency Procedure
  • Applause Ovation MW
  • At The Barbers
  • Automation
  • Bird Song MW
  • Blender MW
  • Boiler Velocity
  • Bonus
  • Boomrang
  • Bouncy Bouncy
  • Broom Sweeps
  • Burglar Saws
  • Buzzy Ambience
  • Car Horm MW
  • Car Locked
  • Car Alarm MW
  • Cartoony
  • Cauldron
  • Code Strokes
  • Creepy Crawly MW
  • Croak Meow
  • Deck Ambience
  • Deep Note-ish Wiggly
  • Dial Tones
  • Dial-Up
  • DigiLight
  • Dirty Motor
  • Distan Blasts
  • Down the Memory Lane
  • Drillers
  • Drop in the Ocean
  • Effect Logo 1
  • Effect Logo 2
  • Electric Horse
  • Energizer Beam (Play Legato)
  • Energy Release MW
  • Faller
  • Fancy Phone
  • Fast Foward
  • Flangy Noise Sweeps
  • Forbidden Velocity Bubbles
  • Game Loop 2
  • Gas Chamber
  • Gongy Kick
  • Gunshot Distant
  • Heavy Machine Fundamentals
  • HeliSynth
  • Hitch Feet
  • Hold'n'Tap Big Siren
  • Humanoid Grunts
  • Id Steps
  • Impact Square
  • Incision Laser
  • Jump 2
  • Jump Old Game
  • Kill the Tenor
  • Kungfoo Hit Points
  • Large Siren
  • Laser Aircuts
  • Lava
  • Lizardy
  • Mark Tree Coin
  • Menacing Signature
  • Modulation Effects MW
  • My Harley
  • Nightmare Ambiences
  • Night Object
  • Noise Curl Sweeps
  • Noise Acrobatics Dual
  • Noise Sweep Pitched
  • Noise Woosh Deux
  • Noise Woosh Multiple
  • Offset Alarm
  • Old Projector Velocity
  • Pheeesh
  • Piercing Drill
  • Polyphonic Alarms MW
  • Posessed Kid
  • Power Tools with Tone
  • Projectile
  • Radio Logic
  • Rainy Day and Storm MW
  • Rainy Day MW
  • Rattler's Fall
  • RevOnce
  • Richochety
  • Robot P2C2
  • S and H Beeps
  • Scrapey
  • Scratchy and Release
  • SFX Collage Maker (Play Hi)
  • Shear Set Velo
  • Shivering Decay MW
  • Shorting
  • Shorting Sequence
  • Simple Alarm MW
  • Siren Trickle
  • Small Beep
  • Small Beep Multistep
  • SOS Morse Alarm
  • Spinner
  • Spiral Downward
  • Spiral Up and Down
  • Spiral Upward
  • Spook Ring
  • Star Walkie
  • Steam Engine
  • Step 2 Down
  • SubTactics
  • Take Offs and Landings Porta
  • Talky Stabs
  • Tennis Carricature Velo
  • The Barron's Planet
  • The Three Witches
  • TOS Door Slide
  • Train Ambience Distant
  • Train Ambiences
  • Travelog
  • Typing Keystrokes
  • Voc Hit FX
  • Waaa Whigfield
  • Watch Beeps
  • Whistling Soldiers
  • Wound Up Alarm
  • Yelping Alarm Tone


Ultra FX was created with the Ultra Analog VA-2 analog synthesizer. You can obviously play and edit the sounds in Ultra Analog VA-2, but you can also access and play them via the free AAS Player included with your Ultra FX purchase.

AAS Player—included with purchase featuring distraction-free playing experience and more than an hundred free extra presets via Swatches. Ultra Analog VA-2—sold separately


Additional Information

Condition New
Software Delivery Electronic Delivery
Plug-in Type Effects
Plug-In Format AAX Native, RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, Standalone
Operating System Mac, Windows
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