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Antelope Audio Zen Go Synergy Core 4x8 USB-C Audio Interface

Portable 4x8 USB-C audio interface with two discrete ultra-linear preamps, class-leading AD/DA conversion, and a suite of Synergy Core analog-modeled effects included

MFR# Zen Go Synergy Core

Product Description

The Antelope Audio Zen Go Synergy Core is a portable desktop interface that allows self-recording artists to create from virtually anywhere with technology used by award-winning producers. The device’s sound quality and processing capabilities are in a class of their own with Antelope Audio’s renowned 64-bit AFC clocking technology and the powerful, effects-packed Synergy Core onboard platform.

Rise above the sound you know

The Zen Go Synergy Core shrinks the gap in sound quality between artists with access to premium studios and home creators. The pristine sound is due to a combination of professional-grade AD/DA converters and Discrete ultra-linear preamps that share circuits with legendary American & British consoles. The stand-out sonic quality of the device would not be possible without the main pillar of the Antelope Audio sound - the 64-bit AFC™ clocking technology from the company’s high-end master clocks. It is employed in the most prestigious studios in the world and has been trusted with the scoring of some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

Full production pack, from the get-go

Zen Go Synergy Core comes with 37 of the finest analog-modeled effects that will help you create stunning, sonically rich productions. Aside from the exclusive compressors, EQs and preamps, with the interface you get 22 guitar amps & cabs, a guitar tuner and a signature reverb that are ready to be applied in real time to your tracking and mixing session. The Synergy Core effects processing allows you to stack up your chain with many effects instances while monitoring through the interface without fear of overloading.

At any time, you can expand your effects collection by purchasing more classic go-to units, true rarities never before recreated in digital form, and 3rd party effects like Antares’ Auto-Tune Synergy.

Create from anywhere, anytime

Antelope Audio’s first bus-powered interface is optimized for ultra-low latency recording, high-resolution playback, creative beat making and podcasting from virtually anywhere. With just a USB-C cable you can power the Zen Go Synergy Core from your computer and use it to its full potential without having to carry a dedicated power supply with you. The interface can also be powered with any USB-C charger if you are away from your PC and still want to use its core functionalities.

Better recording and producing workflow

Every feature available to you in the interface’s Control Panel has been added to improve the important aspects of your workflow. Since DAW monitoring inevitably adds latency, you can monitor directly through the interface to reduce delay to the absolute minimum. With the routing options you can easily set-up a near-zero latency mix and stack it with your favorite Synergy Core effects without fear of overloading the onboard platform. Dedicated signal metering is available for both input and output levels on the front panel display and in the software Control Panel.

Smart connectivity in a small package

The two combo XLR jacks give you the flexibility to choose between Antelope's custom Discrete mic preamps, line and Hi-Z inputs, and are easily configurable via the control panel. The two TRS balanced outputs, mirrored with the two RCAs, allow you to send the signal from the professional-grade D/A converter to two separate sound systems. Use one for your main monitors and the other for a DJ mixer or any other sound system with RCA connectivity, whilst preserving sound integrity.



  • Class-leading AD/DA conversion with up to 127 dB of headroom
  • Recording, mixing and playback at up to 24-bit/192 kHz
  • Proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology & Jitter Management algorithm delivering increased width, separation, and detail in musical performances


  • 2x Discrete ultra-linear preamps with 65 dB of gain for studio-quality recordings, all work as microphone/line/Hi-Z inputs, on combo XLR jacks
  • USB-C port carrying up to 8 input and 8 output channels in any popular DAW with custom macOS & Windows drivers
  • Secondary USB-C port allowing reverse-charging
  • Digitally expandable over S/PDIF
  • Analog monitor outputs including 1x stereo output over RCA and 1x stereo output over TRS (mirrored)
  • 2x stereo headphone outputs with separate gain control


  • Bus-powered interface - no need for a dedicated power source, powered by the USB connection
  • Direct hardware monitoring with Synergy Core effects, processed in real-time with imperceptible latency
  • Simplified I/O routing with pre-configured settings, allowing immediate recording and playback
  • Front panel with dedicated volume knob and buttons for frequency adjustment, and hands-on control of core parameters
  • Customizable presets complete with signal routing, level adjustments, mixer settings and sub-mixes
  • Easily adjust the monitor mixes for the monitor output and split headphone mixes into individual cue and sub-mixes while applying pan, reverb, other effects, and stereo link


  • Collection of 37 Synergy Core effects modeled after classic and rare analog outboard gear
  • Synergy Core proprietary onboard platform powered by DSP & FPGA chips for real-time effects processing with imperceptible latency


  • 2 Preamps (Gyraf Gyratec IX, BA-31)
  • 4 Equalizers (incl. VEQ-1A, VMEQ-5)
  • 5 Compressors & Limiters (incl. Stay-Levin, FET-A76, VCA160)
  • 22 Guitar Amps & Cabs (incl. Bluelux 1x12, Tube Guitar Amp)
  • 2 Special Processing Effects (Expander, Noise Gate)
  • 1 Reverb Effect (Auraverb)
  • 1 Guitar Tuner (A-Tuner)

Product Specifications

Condition New
Package Contents Zen Go Synergy Core, warranty card, USB-C to USB-C cable, and quick start guide
Width 7.8 in
Depth 4.6 in
Height 2.3 in
Unit Weight 1.5 lb
Chassis Desktop
Input Connectors Digital Coaxial, XLR Combo Jack TRS
Output Connectors Digital Coaxial, RCA, 1/4-inch TRS
Computer Connection USB
Number of Preamps 2
Maximum Sampling Rate 192 kHz

Product Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars.
Review Count (15)

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I am blown away by the Zen Go! Huge leap in sound quality from my old interface. The software preamp and compressor emulations are fantastic. I love that it is powered by my laptop which makes remote recording simple.
Internal routing is a bit of a learning curve and isn’t super intuitive, but that’s a minor knock for me with all the clean and pristine functionality of the Antelope. Really loving this purchase.

By Brett R on April 28, 2022

With work and all I have not used it much but love it when I do, my saxophone teacher says I made an excellent choice

By Vincent G on September 28, 2021

Very satisfied and happy with product, however product tech support sucks!

By odell w on September 16, 2021

Muy Profesional. excelente sonido

By EDWIN L on May 17, 2021

I've heard great reviews for Antelope Audio gear for a couple years. I decided to pull the trigger on the Zen Go interface. Man, was I not disappointed. Solid unit. Took a bit to set up but they've got great videos available to walk you through. Beautiful preamps, outstanding plug-ins included. My guitar sounds like a guitar through an amp! Not the buzzy sounding versions on other plug-ins... latency free is key here!

By Uncle W on May 3, 2021

My second Audient ID22 suffered a hardware failure and, though the folks offered to repair it for me at a price (warranty was out after 3rd year) I decided to look elsewhere for next level interface. After researching Universal Audio’s and other upscale (pricey) offerings I happened upon the newly released Zen Go Synergy Core and after thorough study bought it. It is a brilliant piece of technology that is built like a tank and is stocked with Antelope Audio’s famous clocking and converters. It’s connectivity and flexibility are noteworthy for such a small package and it has a bundle of Antelope’s DSP effects on board resulting in zero latency recording. The rub for me is that there is a learning curve involved with the Zen Go and it’s relationship with your DAW. The on board effects bundle is actually like having your instrument patched through a pedal board. They are NOT VST’s and are not selectable/interchangeable once your track is recorded. At this time there is no Antelope workaround for the Zen Go like there is for the larger Synergy Tour and the rack mounted interfaces since it just entered the market earlier this year. That being said my DAW (Studio One Pro 64) has the ability to bring them on board as external effects and gives me the option to change my mind on a given track. The downside is the loss of 0 latency operation, however in my case the difference is not audible. The true brilliance of the Zen Go is it’s mobility. The device is the right size to take on the road with your laptop and record on the “Go” with Antelope’s pro level technology. In my bedroom studio I found the learning curve a bit steep in order to get it to perform in the way I desire, but there is no denying the sound quality of my recording with it. I had a track I was ready to mix that was done with my backup Focusrite interface. Sounded fine until I started to mix with the Zen Go. The increased headroom and overall clarity revealed the need to “cleanup” some of the tracks.
My Cons:
1/ The small screen and tilt of the top of the unit might cause a reconfiguration of your studio setup in order to comfortably see and manipulate the control surface.
2/ 2 Front loaded headphone jacks put cables on your console top where they can interfere with your workflow (however they are in proper position for playback while doing remote recording. Added flexibility in being able to route a specific mix to each headphone send.)
3/ Wish I could afford the Tour!
Worth the investment. Check it out.

By Michael D on April 26, 2021

Solid sound but kinda frustrating to use compared to UAD stuff.

By Joshua S on April 19, 2021

This is the audio interface you have been looking for. Compact, professional, loads of plugins, and will grow with you on your journey. Thanks

Alan M.

By akoustam on April 11, 2021

Hi my name is Alan and I am newbie.. Eighteen months ago I did not even know what a DAW was. I have tried FOCUSRITE and own a Motu audio interface. However, I still did not hear the sound I was looking for. Back in January I saw an interview with Igor Levin about a new audio device by Antelope called the Zen Go. I checked out Antelope and UAD and found out that people seemed to love them both. However, it was my gut feeling about the way Igor talked about this device that really sold me. Long story short this was the best device I have ever heard. I am just scratching the surface with what this can device can do. It checked all of the boxes for me. Professional unit, compact, easy to install and use, and huge potential.

By Alan on April 10, 2021

The ZenGo is doing exactly what I bought it for, using it for remote recording in various spaces, and doing it extremely well. Also, as a secondary function for the ZenGo, I wanted to use it stand alone as an amp modeler live onstage and it worked great!!!!

By Duffy on April 7, 2021

It's an amazing interface. At first sight I wasn't sure if it would suit my requirements but after a month of using it, I'm super happy with it's performance so far. I own a MacBook Pro 13" (Mid 2012) and I was really concerned if it would work well enough with my USB 3 ports. I had no problem connecting it to my old laptop! One thing I forgot to mention, it comes with a USB-C to a USB-A adapter. It worked perfectly! Also I'm using it to process the audio from my TV via SPDIF, so when I'm watching Netflix or Amazon Video on my Smart TV it works as my main mixer for the signal of the TV without having the need of keeping my computer turned on because it has another USB-C port which you can assign as the main power source.

The plugins are amazing and the interface has no latency issues. You can record up to 192kHz and it's sound is super huge.

By Monno on March 26, 2021

Great quality unit and simple to use. Call Vintage King, ask for Whitaker and get one.

By Marc S on March 26, 2021

had to get my hands on this interface. Antelope Audio is well known for its unbeatable sound quality in the studio, and recently out on tour. I just started recently doing live streams, and one thing im picky about is my quality of sound and i knew if I had a product made from Antelope Audio, im going to have prestine sound. yes there are a couple of other brands I could have bought, but call me an SQ snob for choosing the ZEN GO. for this price it was WELL worth the risk.....im VERY happy.

By DJ K on March 23, 2021

Solid interface if you only need 2 analog inputs (+2 digital input) and prefer onboard processing. Control interface is slick and easy to navigate/understand. Excellent routing and loopback functionality. Converters don't really impart any signature of their own and the pre's sound very neutral with excellent, quiet gain. Felt that the headphone output could be a little stronger,.. Antelope up's the ante by listening to customer feedback and releases a firmware upgrade that increases HP output along with some other updates.. Couldn't be happier!

By jslateiv on March 14, 2021

This Interface is the Best you can find on the market for the price and Quality, when you throw in the technology and features that this thing offer, there's no way you could Ever pass on this Amazing Unit, it's by far the most compact interface with top notch Audio Quality and World Class Audio converter, if you're in the market for any Studio Equipment make sure you check with Antelope Gears they are the best for your Buck.

By Tayon H on February 19, 2021

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