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Antelope Audio Edge Strip Preamp with Modeling Mic

Dual ultra-linear microphone preamp with one Edge Modeling Mic
MFR# Edge Strip

Product Description

The Antelope Audio Edge Strip is a compact package delivering the same audio quality as a locker full of vintage mics and a rack full of outboard gear. The days of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a vintage mic collection are over. Most engineers only ever dream of using such expensive microphones. The Edge Strip makes that dream a reality. Now you can add high-end studio equipment to your collection for a fraction of the price.

The Edge Strip is designed to model a variety of vintage microphones, preamps, and even signal processors such as EQs and compressors. It contains Antelope Audio’s renowned Edge Modeling Microphone — a dual-capsule condenser large-diaphragm microphone, specifically designed to reproduce the expressiveness and character of expensive classic microphones.

It also includes the Discrete MP — an all-analog dual-channel microphone pre-amplifier, designed to deliver Antelope’s signature pristine audio quality. Edge Strip owners also enjoy a package of free native effects plug-ins, including a compressor designed by Antelope Audio’s founder Igor Levin — the Stay Levin.

Discrete Analog Design

The Edge Strip bundle offers natural analog sound, combined with the benefits of precise digital control.

The Discrete MP includes two XLR+TRS combo inputs, as well as two TRS outputs. The discrete analog circuits in the Discrete MP offer up to 61 dB of maximum gain, and total control over the coloration, clarity, and character of the preamps.

Meanwhile, the USB connection offers a simple way to control the Edge Strip remotely, from the comfort of your computer.

Each Edge Modeling Microphone consists of a special double-sided capsule with 3 microns gold sputtered membranes. This allows us to accomplish multi-dimensional modeling and emulate a variety of different microphones, polar patterns and even control the proximity effect.

Experience EDGE at its maximum

Antelope Audio’s engineering team designed the Discrete MP to perfectly match the character of the Edge Modeling Microphone.

Edge is a modeling microphone suited for the manufacturer's real-time mic preamp modeling. Combined with the already highly acclaimed Antelope Audio FPGA Vintage Compressors & EQs, these new modeling microphones will comprise a true cutting edge front end that will usher in a new era for modern recording.

Inside the Discrete 8 FPGA Accusonic 3D modeling engine you can transform both Edge and Verge into vintage replicas giving you complete control over proximity effect, off-axis response and even allow you to change polar patterns during or after recording. Choose from a collection of classic and expensive microphones and track the results as you monitor live, bringing out a musician’s best possible performance. Record the dry signal and apply mic emulations later, experimenting freely and creatively.

Edge features dual edge-terminated capsules for a smooth/natural sound reproducing the expressiveness and character of expensive classic microphones. Antelope founder Igor Levin designed groundbreaking fully discrete electronics. Hand-selected capsules were chosen and encased in a carefully crafted enclosure with contours and shape for optimal sonic performance. Edge is an exquisite large diaphragm microphone with excellent transient response and capable of multiple polar patterns.

Both Discrete MP and Edge Modeling Microphone are fully analog, which means they’ll work with any system. Thanks to its dedicated calibration oscillator, Discrete MP is easily adaptable to all studio setups, even those without precise gain linking between two channels. When connecting to a new system, simply engage the built-in oscillator to calibrate the Discrete MP for perfect gain staging.

Pristine sound under the hood

Use the Discrete MP to capture the tone of your favorite mic in crystal clear detail. Or, pair the Edge Modeling Microphone with your favorite preamp to create unique sounds.

However, using the Discrete MP with the Edge Modeling Microphone unlocks its full potential. Both units utilize discrete analog circuitry and were designed by Igor Levin himself to complement each other perfectly.

By using the free native plug-ins, you can audition countless combinations of microphones, preamps, and vintage outboard gear to get the perfect tone.

Special AFX

The Edge Strip bundle includes the custom AFX signal processors, which includes a growing list of superior microphone emulations, bringing field-proven microphone legends into your setup. The AFX experts, in cooperation with analog engineers and mic designers, developed these microphone emulations.

The Edge Strip includes 4 vintage mic emulations, 3 classic German preamp emulations, the famous Stay-Levin compressor, and a vintage EQ to help you sculpt the perfect tone – all for free! However, if that’s not enough, you can upgrade with dozens of other modeled units featured in Antelope's FPGA FX library.

Please note: All plug-ins are iLok protected. An iLok is required in order to use them. iLok is not provided by Antelope Audio and must be purchased separately.

Bring your recordings to life using the remarkable sounds of vintage gear. Hear the past and record the future with Antelope’s native DSP effects. Each plug-in uses a high degree of oversampling and precise floating-point calculations to accurately model vintage effects with unparalleled detail. Even when emulating microphones, preamps, and signal processors, you can breathe easy, knowing the Edge Strip offers minimal latency, and Antelope Audio’s signature sound.

Pick up an Edge Strip today, and say goodbye to your bulky vintage gear!

System requirements:USB 2.0 equipped Mac or PC

  • Core 2 Duo minimum, Core i3/i5/i7/Xeon recommended
  • 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended
  • OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or greater
  • Windows 10
  • iLok required

Product Specifications

Condition New
Package Contents DiscreteMP, Edge microphone, microphone cable, shock mount, pop filter, power supply, USB cable, quick start guide and upgrade guide, and keys and serial numbers
Input Connectors XLR Combo Jack TRS
Output Connectors 1/4-inch TRS
Computer Connection USB

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars.
Review Count (2)

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Perfect pre amp at the lowest cost, the combination with the mic enables great quality and the emulations are very real. Love what you can dot with this mic it’s well thought all the way through !

By Roman on August 15, 2020

I had a dilemma to either purchase one good vocal mic or invested in a modeling mic. I had all the usual suspects, Neumann, Telefunken, and my list included boutique mics like Bock and Peloso. I needed 1 good tube vocal mic.

I started to look at the Edge Dou with the DiscreteMP. I ingested several videos on Antelope's website and was blown away by the results of the demos. I was also equally impressed with the Slate ML1 and Townsend Labs L22. Why own one sound when I can have many, is what I thought?

I did a deep dive into all of them. The Slate was not a dual capsule but still a great mic, but two capsules are better than one especially when recreating three-dimensional nuances, controlling off-axis, and proximity effects. All three brands had a number of emulations, each having features that are great. I was down to two choices: Townsend or Antelope. Each having incredible audio, frequency response, emulations, dual capsules, etc.

I chose Antelope for a few reasons. 1. I own a Pure 2 and it's incredibly warm and artifact-free. It's warm like a Neve but without the color of a Neve, and not crispy like an SSL, if that makes sense. 2. Customer service is incredible. I contacted them for a small issue and someone actually picked up the phone, they were friendly and took care of me in a matter of minutes. This made it easy to trust Antelope.

When I got the microphone I set up a test. I ran the Edge Dou through the Antelope Pure2, Allen and Heath SQ, and a Focusrite 18i20 3rd Gen. I recorded each emulation side by side. Then I tracked a Neumann TLM 103 and KMS105, AKG 414, Earthworks SR314, Vanguard Lollie, Royer (ribbon), and Lewitt 441. The 103 and 414 were the only “real” samples I had.

During the test, I took the DiscreteMP out of the signal chain to test my preamps on their own. With the Pure 2 the mic still had great resolution and fidelity. On the Allen and Heath SQ, having an SSL VHD (kinda) sound, the mids suffered compared to using the DiscreteMP. The Focusrite was night and day. The 18i20 struggled without the “air” band but the Discrete MP brought the sound almost to the Pure 2 levels. It was truly amazing and unexpected. I would say that if you consider this mic think about getting the DiscreteMP Pre-Amp.

Bottom line: TLM 103 emulation was spot on having that same mid-range bump that brings voices forward, clear, and sterile. Very easy to EQ. The C414 was too close to hear any real difference. I really tried. Maybe at the top of the high frequencies but it was detailed, airy, and open like the real deal. I listened and mapped each model emulation. I found the U87 to be so familiar-sounding that this could have been used on any hit record or Bluenote (RVG) recording from the 1960s. The TLM49 was upfront, full-body, great personality with a crystal clear bottom end. The 800 was Mariah clear, bright, super hi-def. The C-12 is brilliant, larger than life, body, shimmer, and regal. I’ve never heard a C-12 “in person”, but if this is what they sound like I know why folks will sell an arm to get one. It's stunning. The Edge Duo on its own is no slouch and is outstanding. It's super uber clean without being brash or harsh. Almost perfect for a piano for example.

The idea of stereo coincident recording, figure cardioid 8 is super cool. One mic to capture a singer-songwriter for example. Using the mic as an overhead drum mic with the right as the Hi-Hat Side and left as the ride cymbal side, but capture the whole drum set with loads of polar pattern options to blend or isolate. Endless possibilities.

My small home-based studio focused on Jazz, Acoustic Instruments, Neo Soul and Classic Blues oriented Rock. Capturing sonic signatures as they are played, not in a plugin or eq, is extremely important to me. A goal, not a rule. This mic allows me to be more than competitive without dropping a cool 100K on mics. Affordability is important as a small studio. I feel like I got a lot for my money. Build quality and case is excellent.

If I had to name this mic it would be “Modern Classic”. It's great. I’m excited when I use it. Buy with confidence. I can’t wait to get an Edge Quadro - 360-degree stereo recording.

By Bluenote1967 on August 12, 2020

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