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AKG C12A Multi-Pattern Tube Microphone #3650 (Vintage)

Multipattern large diaphragm tube condenser mic

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Product Description


The legendary AKG C12 ceased production in 1963 after a run of 10 years, to be succeeded by the models C12A and C12B. Just prior to the transistor revolution, the last stage of tube amplifier evolution was the 'Nuvistor', a miniature vacuum tube that replaced large and bulky tubes in all kinds of electronic equipment, including being used as a replacement for the famous VF14 in Neumann U47 microphones. To compare the Nuvistor to its predecessors such as the VF14, or the 6072 used in the C12 mics, is like comparing apples to oranges. It is not like them at all; it has its own character, and so do the mics that use them.

Case in point is the C12A and C12B. These were the descendants of the famous C12, but the only thing they have in common wi