ADL 670 Stereo Tube Limiter

Recreation of the fabled Fairchild 670 stereo limiter
MFR# ADL 670 Stereo Tube Limiter
ADL 670 Stereo Tube Limiter
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There's no doubt that the original Fairchild 670 was and still is the "Big Daddy" of tube compressors. That's why people don't hesitate to pay over $30,000 for one if they can find it. Unfortunately, most of these units are getting very old and unreliable and don't sound as great as they once did. Well, what if you could buy a brand new one today...with a warranty...for substantially less!!! Can't be...well, guess again!! Introducing the ADL 670 Stereo Tube Limiter, the perfect copy of the original Fairchild 670. After years of testing and research, Anthony DeMaria Labs has matched part for part the specs and sound of the original unit. Every detail has been scrutinized to corners were cut. Yes...believe it or not, ADL has painstakingly sourced all the parts of this puzzle to offer a very limited run on these uncompromising, untouchable sonic giants!!! Many in the past have attempted to reproduce the sound of the classic Fairchild 670 but no one until now has taken it to the level ADL has with the ADL 670 compressor. With it's beautiful "military strength" chassis, stand alone PSU, 20 vacuum tubes and 14 doesn't get fatter than this.


“I am currently in the middle of mixing an artist, who is very picky about his mixes.  I’m mixing him in the box, as he likes tons of recalls. So yesterday I took one of my “in the box” mixes, ran it through the ADL 670, and sent it to him.  This morning I got an email that started with the word “WOW!”.  I hadn’t told him about the ADL, either.  I’ve mixed many songs for this artist, and he has never said “WOW!”  until this morning.

The ADL is a beast.  It glues and colors without thumping or nasty artifacts.  A little of it goes a long way. At first I was a bit nervous about this purchase, but after my initial reaction to it, and my client’s reaction to it, have  been very encouraging.”
- Paul L.


Additional Information

Condition New
Channels Dual-Channel
Chassis 19-in Rackmount
Rack Spaces 6u
Digital I/O No
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  • Michael Brauer
    Michael Brauer
    "We didn't have Fairchilds at Mediasound (where I trained to become an engineer), so I wasn't familiar with the sound. It was used all over records that I was listening to during its heyday. The music would pump in a glorious way on the bottom end. Drums would be kicking ass yet the meters didn't pin. I didn't know at the time that the 670 was so instrumental in getting that sound.

    Anthony DeMaria spent a lot of money and a long time R&D'ing the unit to make an exact duplicate of the Fairchild 670. Several copy 670s have been released over the past several years but this is the one I like best. It's a bit punchier and not quite as dark as the original but for today's music, that suits me fine. I spoke with a couple of people that I consider kings of the Fairchild 670 and they gave the ADL their blessing.

    I had a certain sound in my head for months and I was unable to reproduce it from the millions of compressors I own. I can hear tiny violins in the background, poor little me... no really, I do hear them. I better get that checked.

    Anthony built only five units. He had one left when I called him. He let me play with it for a couple of weeks, the bastard. After trying it for a week, I wasn't sure if it was the sound I was looking for. I decided to really pump the f***er up one day and in the process I realized that it automatically does its own gain makeup so as I add compression it adds gain to bring me back to unity (I come out of the main L/R of the desk into the 670, then directly out into the two track machine). Damn! The monster woke up!

    It pumps like no other toy I've ever heard. Fell in love with it, had to have it. First time I used it is on the Athlete CD 'Tourist.' Check it out.
    Michael Brauer has mixed such records as the Stones' 'Steelwheels,' New Radicals, Tony Bennett's Grammy Album of the Year' Unplugged,' and Coldplay's Grammy Alternative Album of the year 'Parachutes.' Recent projects include Paul McCartney's 'Live Back in the USA,' Bob Dylan's 'Rolling Thunder Revue' and Grandaddy. Read more about Michael Brauer's and other industry professionals' favorite gear in Vintage King's Producer's Corner.
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