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Architect/designer Francisco Peña brings a nearly obsessive dedication to clean design and circuit layout to the boutique pedal scene. A guitarist since age 12, he grew up doing the whole garage band thing, and is a player to this day. He ventured into the effects building wormhole because commercially available effects offended his sensibilities on so many levels, from sound quality to aesthetics. His meticulous attention to detail isn’t from a design snob perspective. His circuit layouts substantially reduce internal and external RF interference as well as crosstalk, providing an astounding full bandwidth flat response of 20 Hz-22kHz. You don’t have to eat quiche to appreciate Francisco’s design discipline. If you line up all the AboveGroundFX pedals, it's like looking at color swatches from Dwell Magazine—‘tres cool! Individually, the paint jobs are stunningly understated and graphics are designed for each individual effect to match its character and clarity of purpose. Of course, as any design freak would tell you it ain't all about pretty colors and the latest hip font. All AboveGround FX pedals feature top located input, output and DC jacks allowing for the most efficient physical arrangement of multiple pedals in a pedal board. Pedal freaks with obsessive-compulsive tendencies will rejoice at how easy it is to create neat pedal boards without the usual wiring mess while also being able to fit more pedals in an unprecedented compact space that you don’t need Winkle-pickers to select the proper pedal on a dark stage. We love AboveGround FX pedals because their circuits would sound damn great if they were housed in tuna cans, but their appearance and utility match their performance in a way that Steve Jobs would appreciate... if he played guitar, that is.