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When People Under the Stairs began work on their ninth album, 12 Step Program, the legendary underground hip-hop duo looked to Vintage King for guidance on microphone selection. Teaming up with Vintage King LA sales associate Jeffrey Ehrenberg, PUTS members Thes One and Double K worked to find a mic that would seamlessly capture both the duo and a wide array of guest emcees.

“There is always a possibility that you can get something that sounds epic or different, or that just has flavor,” Thes One says of the importance of a great mic. “There are a lot of classic hip-hop recordings where the sound of the vocals really makes the entire song.”

With over 20 microphones at PUTS disposal, the crew worked their way through the Vintage King Los Angeles mic room, trading off on verses and pieces of gear. In a unique twist on the classic mic shootout, VK rolled tape on each take and preserved all of the recordings for a behind the scenes view of the selection process. Check out the video to get a taste of The P in action and listen to each individual track featuring amazing microphones from Flea, Manley, Telefunken, Wunder and more.



Bock 241

Bock iFet

Flea 47

Flea 49

Gefell CMV 563

Gefell UM930

Lauten FC 387

Manley Reference Cardioid

Mojave MA-300

Neumann U87 Ai

Pearlman TM 1

Peluso P-67

Shure SM7B

Sony C800G Pac

Telefunken C12

Telefunken CU-29 Copperhead

Telefunken U47

Urton M2

Wunder CM7

Wunder CM7 FET

Wunder CM12

Wunder CM67