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Vienna Instruments Percussion

Sample bank covering the full line of orchestral percussion instruments

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Vienna Symphonic Library
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Product Description
Additional Information
  • Product Description

    The Vienna Instruments Percussion Features:

    • Timpani - A: Single hits normal and secco
    • 1-3 upbeats
    • Rolls normal and strong dynamics (1, 2, 4, and 6 sec.)

    Drums - Toms:
    • Snare Drum - A: Snare on and off
    • Rimshots, single hits, Performance repettions, rebounds, upbeats, upbeat rolls, rolls normal and dynamics
    • Snare Drums a4: Snare on and off
    • Rim and normal, single hits, upbeats, rebounds, rolls
    • Field Drum - A: Snare on and off
    • Single hits, rolls normal and soft
    • Bass Drum - A: Soft and hard mallets
    • Single hits normal/secco, performance repetitions slow and fast, upbeats, rolls normal and dynamics
    • Taiko Drums: Single hits
    • Rolls normal and dynamics
    • Tamburin - A: Single hits, performance repetitions, upbeats, tremolo normal and crescendo

    Cymbals - Gongs:
    • Piatti - A: Normal and slow hits
    • Damped fast and slow
    • Performance repetitions
    • Piatti - series B: 13", 18", 20" and 22" cymbals
    • Muted and open hits, scrapes
    • Cymbal standard - A: Drumsticks and mallets
    • Single hits normal and damped
    • Performance repetitions,
    • Tremolo normal and dynamics
    • Finger Cymbals: Low and high finger cymbals
    • Normal and side strokes, rubs
    • Tam - A: Single hits, normal and hard sound
    • Tremolo
    • Scratches
    • Tam - series B: 60, 100, 130 cm tam-tams
    • Various beaters
    • Single hits and rubs
    • Tam - series C:
    • Gongs: Soft and wood mallets
    • Single notes

    • Celesta: Single notes, sustained, normal and soft sound
    • Glockenspiel - A/01 Metal Mallet: Single notes
    • Rolls
    • Glissandos fast, chromatic and diatonic, up and down
    • Glockenspiel - A/02 Wood Mallet: Single notes
    • Rolls
    • Xylophone/01 Wood Mallet: Single notes
    • Rolls normal
    • Xylophone/02 Soft Plastic Mallet: Single notes
    • Rolls
    • Vibraphone/01 Medium Mallet: Single hits without, with slow and fast vibrato
    • Rolls
    • Glissandos fast and slow, diatonic and chromatic, up and down
    • Vibraphone/02 Soft Mallet: Single hits without, with slow and fast vibrato
    • Rolls
    • Marimba/01 Hard Mallet: Single hits, normal and secco
    • Rolls
    • Glissandos, fast and slow, diatonic and pentatonic
    • Cross glissandos
    • Marimba/02 Soft Mallet: Single hits, normal and secco
    • Rolls
    • Glissandos, fast and slow, diatonic and pentatonic
    • Cross glissandos
    • Woodblocks: Wood mallets
    • Single hits, tremolo normal and dynamics
    • 1-4 upbeats
    • Templeblocks/01 Wood Mallet: Single hits
    • Rolls
    • Lithophone small: Single hits

    • Tubular Bells - A: Medium, hard and soft mallets
    • Single notes
    • Tubular Bells - B: Medium, hard and soft mallets
    • Single notes
    • Plate Bells: Single notes
    • Cencerros: Soft felt, soft and medium yarn mallet, wood mallet
    • Single notes

    • Triangle: Triangle A
    • Single notes, performance repetitions, 1-3 upbeats, tremolo normal and dynamics
    • Crotales: Metal mallet
    • Single notes
    • Thundersheet: Thundersheet A
    • Various techniques
    • Steel: Railway rails
    • Single hits, tremolo normal and crescendo, 1-3 upbeats
    • Castanets: Single strokes
    • 1-4 upbeats
    • Tremolo 1 and 8 sec.
    • Performance repetitions
    • Waterphone: Single notes, bowed straight and modulated
    • Log Drum: Hard mallets, single hits (AB switching left/right hand variant)
    • Soft mallets, single hits and rolls
    • Misc Percussion/01 Windmachine: Sound variations 1-7
    • Misc Percussion/03 Ocean-Drums: Ocean drum A and B
    • Short, long, and motion sounds
    • Accents
    • Full samples and excerpts
    • Misc Percussion/10 Spring drum: 2 spring drums
    • Various techniques
  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    Software Delivery Retail Box
    Virtual Instrument Type Drums and Percussion
    Plug-In Format RTAS, AU, VST, Standalone
    Operating System Mac, Windows
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