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Trinnov D-Mon 6 Optimizer

Digital monitoring controller with Eucon support for Pro Tools designed for 5.1 rooms for Post-production

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Product Description
Additional Information
  • Product Description

    The Trinnov D-Mon 6: Much More Than Just Another Monitoring Controller

    Monitor control could look very simple to many, but when it comes to managing all the various situations that a Post Production engineer has to face day after day, they have to get as much power and flexibility as possible.

    The Trinnov D-Mon® Series is specifically designed to combine power, fast-and-easy usage and flexibility.


    • Both Analog and Digital professional inputs and outputs, providing the most pristine sound quality
    • Facilities to connect the processor via Ethernet and/or MIDI and host almost any protocol to communicate with a large number of other studio equipment
    • A Switching Matrix to route all signals easily and make any patch set in seconds
    • Full Audio Routing Matrix with instant recall and ZERO latency assignment
    • An internal Mixer (from 8 to 16 configurable buses) which can create various sum of stems, main or aux mix, discrete inputs that come in
    • Comprehensive and intuitive web Control Panel (Source & Speaker selection, Level/Mute/Dim, Intercoms, Headphones, etc.) that any connected device can access (Chrome browser recommended)
    • The amazing and world-renown Optimizer® to make the perfect tuning of the loudspeaker sets to the studio acoustics
    • Full Eucon & MIDI compliance (other protocols to come) with the free D-Mon App (MacOS)
    • Optional SmartMeter® software for accurate Time-Code aware Loudness metering and processing features


    The Multi-Purpose I/O Connector

    The Multi-Purpose Input/Output connector alone proves how much the D-Mon® is in touch with the real world of professionals.

    • MIDI, Headphone output, Talk-Back input are wired just like the famous ICON control surfaces, allowing X-Mon® as a replacement in a complete, seamless way
    • Time-Code is available as a LTC input when you’re running the SmartMeter® to make Loudness metering sessions more effective than ever
    • GPIOs are located there too, so linking to other equipment for synchronizing switches, lights or a simple pedal is immediate and easy

    In and Out For Now and the Future

    Input & Output configuration depends on models, but all of them cover the needs of recording or mastering studios, post-production rooms and film mixing suites.

    • Up to 16 Digital I/Os (AES), enabling any surround sound engineer, drive not only his main mix but also all feeds (like aux sends, sub-groups or stems) within the best possible resolution and sample rate (up to 96kHz)
    • A switchable 8-channel Digital Insert to hook up an external processing and make instant A/B comparisons or the mastering final cut
    • Up to 8 Analog Inputs able to be assigned as a Cue, the Talk-back or just used as external sources to be converted to digital for whatever reason
    • From 12 to 16 Analog Outputs offer all possibilities to address multiple sets of loudspeakers, headphones and outboard gears, all at the same time

    D-Mon 6 Specifications

    • 8x Digital Inputs (DB25/AES Tascam Pinout)
    • 8x Digital Outputs (DB25/AES Tascam Pinout
    • 8x Line-level Analog Inputs (DB25)
    • Analog Outputs
      • 4x Line level (DB25)
      • 8x Line level DB25 & XLR
    • Assignable Intercom: 1x Talk-Back Input + 1x Listen-Back Input (phantom power on MPIO)
    • Word Clock: BNC Input & Output
    • Control Protocols: Eucon (Avid MC5, S6, S5, S3). ICON D-Command & D-Control (X-Mon15p cable) – MIDI. Other proprietary protocols under development.
    • GPIOs: 2 in / 1 out (foot-switch, remote commands)
    • Optimizer® (room acoustic tuning): 6 Channels (i.e. 5.1 speaker set or 3x stereo pairs, LCRS+1xSt, etc.)


    Audio Processing

    • Automatic Processing     
      • Multi-point acoustic measurement (Trinnov 3D measurement microphone)
      • Time/Frequency acoustic analysis based on impulse response measurement
      • Loudspeaker/Room optimization
      • Target Curves
    • Manual Processing
      • Several layers of 31 bands Graphic EQ, FIR EQ, gains, polarity and delays available for every channel
      • Total delay given in meters/milliseconds/frames for the listening point and adjustable global delay for accurate Lip Sync
      • Front / Surround / Top balance
    • Comprehensive Processing latency control


    Exclusive Technologies

    • Trinnov patented 2D/3D spatial remapping
    • Trinnov Loudspeaker/Room Optimization
    • Trinnov high-performance AD/DA converters, used daily by the most demanding mastering studios
    • Next Generation Hardware platform     
      • Revolutionary architecture, 96kHz processing platform
      • Processing software: 64 bits Floating point over PC/Intel base
      • Future-proof software-oriented updates via internet
      • Robust design for Professional Audio applications
  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    Monitor Application Surround
    Chassis 19-in Rackmount
    Number of Inputs 16
    Input Connectors AES/EBU DB25, BNC
    Number of Outputs 20
    Output Connectors Analog XLR, Analog DB25, AES/EBU DB25, BNC
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