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Easier than eBay
Easier than eBay

What types of gear
are we looking for?

We accept a wide range of audio equipment from classic microphones and analog consoles to
state-of-the-art digital work surfaces. Click on the categories below for more info.



How does it work?

Our trade-in process is a fast and efficient way of getting what you want
from your old gear. Here's how it works:




Get An Estimate

Fill out our online form and let us know what you have and what you'd like in trade.


Ship Us Your Gear

Once your trade has been approved, safely pack up your gear and send it to us using a prepaid shipping label.


Receive Your Trade Value

Once we receive and inspect your trade in, your new equipment or payment will be shipped.

Ready? Let's get started



Frequently Asked Questions



How long does the process take?

Generally, it can take up to five business days (after your gear arrives) to check in and test the gear and process your payment or trade value. Large packages may take longer.
If you don't follow the process, including the purchase order, it could delay the process

How will I be paid for my gear?

In addition to trading up for new gear, we also offer the options of remitting payment via cash, check, bank wire or Paypal options.

Do I get paid in advance for my gear?

No. In order to properly assess the value of your equipment, we need to see and hear your trade-ins firsthand. We are an established company that has been handling the sale of used and vintage gear for over 20 years. Our process ensures that we take the utmost care when receiving and handling these valuable items.

My gear is broken, will you still take it?

In most cases, we will accept broken gear. Properly document the issues when telling us about your equipment so that we can best assess the value of the piece.

My gear has a few scratches, is that okay?

Yes. Our expert tech staff can fix minor to major cosmetic blemishes. However, depending on the condition, these imperfections could affect your trade-in value.

I'm selling a lot of gear. Are you guys interested?

Yes. We make purchases of all sizes from individual units on up to entire studios.

Do you guys offer brokering services?

We do offer brokering services, although only for larger items like recording consoles and highly sought-after vintage items. If you have questions about brokering, please give us a call at 888.653.1184

How do I pack up my equipment for safe travel?

To make sure that your package arrives safely, please take extra care in packing your gear up. Watch this video to see how we recommend you handle this process.

Still have questions? Let us help!