Toontrack Roots SDX - Brushes, Rods, Mallets - Retail Box

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Superior Drummer 2.0 expansion - Recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN
Toontrack Roots SDX - Brushes, Rods, Mallets - Retail Box
Toontrack Roots SDX - Brushes, Rods, Mallets - Retail Box Toontrack Roots SDX - Brushes, Rods, Mallets - Retail Box Toontrack Roots SDX - Brushes, Rods, Mallets - Retail Box


In order to make Roots SDX, Toontrack went to Nashville’s Blackbird Studio to record the ultimate jazz library but walked out with something far bigger; drums that transcend the narrow confines of a genre and rather define an era - an age of music spanning from jazz, blues to hip hop and rock. Meet the Roots SDX for Superior Drummer 2.0, likely one of the world’s most comprehensive drum sample libraries ever recorded. See what happened behind the scenes at the recording and get retrospect comments from the man behind the wheel, recording engineer Chris Grainger!


  • Recorded by Roy "Futureman" Wooten in Blackbird Studio Nashville, TN
  • Approximately 36 GB of raw, unprocessed sounds
  • A total of 23 separately recorded, tweakable channels available in the mixer
  • Custom MIDI included
  • Large selection of different drums and cymbals (Pearl, Gretsch, Ludwig, Zildjian, Paiste)

In the Mixer:

  • 16 mono, 7 stereo
  • Decca Tree (3 mono mics)
  • Acoustic live reverb chamber
  • 3 different ambience stereo mic pairs
  • 3 different OH mics
  • 3 different kick drum mics
  • 3 different snare drums mics
  • 1 extra "trash" mic

Recording Gear:

  • Console - Neve 8078 - Originally placed in Motown Studios (LA), then owned by Donald Fagen. The Neve 8078 was the last of the "80 series" hand-wired analogue mixing consoles designed and manufactured by Neve for high-end recording studios during the 1970s. These consoles are considered by many experts to be the Rolls Royce of desks and are highly sought after. Each console took several months to build using over 2,500 hours of highly skilled labour and top quality components. It would now be uneconomic to manufacture such equipment to this standard.
  • External Preamps
  • Shadow Hills Gamma (nickel transformer) - Used on the toms, similar to api,neve style pres, but have variable (nickel, steel), or discrete output tranformers.
  • RCA OP-6
  • Neuann U47
  • RCA 44
  • NS-10
  • Shure SM57
  • AKG451
  • AKG C12
  • SAX GML (Sheffield audio labs)
  • AEA 88
  • Telefunken 251
  • Coles 4038
  • ELAM 201
  • Neumann M50
  • Neumann 582
  • AKG D19


  • Cymbal Set
    • Pos1: 22" K Zildjian Constantinople Medium
    • Pos2: Bosphorus Ferit Series
    • Pos3: 22" K Zildjian Constantinople Light
    • Pos4: 22" Sabian HHX Manhattan Ride
  • HI-Hat
    • 14" Masterworks Meritamon Series
  • Bass Drums
    • 18" Pearl Reference Series with closed heads
    • 22" Gretsch USA Custom Series
    • 22" Ludwig Maple Psychedelic
    • 22" Damped Ludwig Maple Psychedelic
    • 28" Camco
  • Snare Drums
    • Pearl 50th anniversary Solid Maple Shell
    • (#3 of 100 ever made)
    • Toms
    • 10" Gretsch USA Custom Series
    • 12" & 14" Pearl Reference Series
    • 16" Slingerland Radio king

Additional Information

Condition New
Software Delivery Retail Box
iLok Required Yes
Plug-in Type No
Virtual Instrument Type Drums and Percussion
Plug-In Format RTAS, AU, VST
Operating System Mac, Windows
Sample Style No

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