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What Does VK Post offer for Composers?
VK Post makes choosing the right tools for your creative studio as easy as possible.We have everything a composer needs from mics and controller keyboards, computers, recording software and virtual instruments, all the way through to mixing, mastering and monitoring tools. Our clientele ranges from top big-name Hollywood composers, to TV and game music writers, all the way to people just starting out… we can help you devise the perfect workflow to maximize your creativity.

Capture your Performance

For your recording chain, VK Post has a wide range of top-class new and vintage microphones, mic pres, compressors and EQs. For writing, your next controller keyboard, workstation or virtual MIDI instrument is only a phone call or a click away.

Digital Audio Workstations, New systems & Upgrades

We supply Pro Tools, Logic and Digital Performer based DAW systems nationwide. If you’re building a new room, we’re here to help. If you are planning a full or partial upgrade, we can help you structure and plan your next moves - and keep you working throughout the process. We can customize your system, so it works right away out of the box, or if you prefer to build your own systems, our lifetime support and technical help is no more than a phone call or an email away.

Mixing, Monitoring & Metering

Many of our composers turn to us for advice on mixing and mastering their demos and final product. An analog or digital mixing console and carefully selected mastering chain can help add cohesion and polish to your work, giving you the creative edge over "in-the-box" production. As a branch of Vintage King Audio, the world-recognized leader in new and vintage recording equipment, VK Post represents and sells the widest choice of high-end consoles, outboard gear and speakers, and can help you bring that "finishing touch" to your work.


Financing & Leasing
Carefully structured financing is important to any business. Use our leasing and financing partnerships to help you make sure that your equipment is paying for itself, so your company’s balance sheet stays healthy and your CFO stays happy.