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Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard Limited Edition - Green

Summing mixer & stereo processor - limited edition color

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Thermionic Culture
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Product Description
Additional Information
  • Product Description

    The Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard is a passive input summing mixer that has all valve summing and output stages. There are 12 input channels and 2 auxiliary inputs. Included in the output stage are facilities for stereo EQ, gain, distortion and also control of the stereo / mono balance over different frequencies. These features are all tried & tested and are felt to be useful and unique to what the Fat Bustard offers and what it can be used to achieve. There are a pair of monitor outputs switchable between the Fat Bustard output and an external source. See 2.9. This Green Limited Edition Fat Bustard has as input/eq valves type 6072/12AY7 for (a little) greater clarity and less microphony, noise and distortion. But the Attitude control is not quite as drastic. The output amplifier uses 6SN7GTB valves. These large output valves give a huge amount of headroom and a tough punchy character. The stereo width is controlled by a 13D5 valve giving a wide spectrum to the sound. All inputs are “semi-floating”. They are really unbalanced but have a small resistor to lift the input signals slightly above ground. This means that balanced DAWs can be connected without quality loss. The output is unbalanced, which is perfect for most users. A transformer balanced output is fitted to the TX version which gives virtually no quality loss but a little less LF noise in some situations. However, for those with problems with this (eg. eliminating possible mains hum loops or just addiction to “balancing”), nice chunky Sowter transformers can be supplied to balance the outputs (& inputs). Check with your dealer as to cost.


    • Input impedance: 10kΩ (dependent upon channel and setting), "semi floating"
    • Output impedance: 600Ω unbalanced
    • Monitor: 5kΩ unbalanced
    • Gain (ch. 1-8): 0 at Attitude 1, +11.5dB at max attitude
    • Maximum Output level: +25dBU
    • Distortion: (at Attitude 1) 0.013% +8dBm output (at Attitude 3) 0.2% (at max. attitude) ≥1 (dependent on how hard valves are driven)
    • Signal to noise: at least 103dB below MOL at Att.1
    • (30kHz filter)
    • Freq. response (±1dB): 11Hz to 55kHz (at Attitude 1)
    • Max bass lift +10dB @ 50Hz
    • Max top lift: +12db @ 12kHz
    • Phase shift (10kHz): (at Att.1), 5% (18°)
    • with EQ flat (at Att.4), 8% (29°)
    • Crosstalk (at Attitude 2): 60dB @ 1kHz, 48dB @ 10kHz.
    • Crosstalk will increase at high attitude settings and when stereo spread and/or bass to centre controls are used.
  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    Number of Inputs 14
    Input Connectors Analog XLR
    Number of Outputs 2
    Output Connectors Analog XLR
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