Telefunken V76 U Tube Mic Pre (Vintage)

Rare vintage tube mic pre
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  • Product Description

    Classic tube microphone preamplifier. The V76U has the low shelving of 80 Hz & 120 Hz (as found in the V76/80 and V76/120), in addition to the shelf at 160 Hz, making the 'U' version one of the most sought after V76 units.

    Rich, wide low end. Great for tracks you need to thicken up. Picture is of a stock unit. Yours will look similar but have a different serial number.


    The V72 was originally developed by North West German Radio and Hamburg's Institute of Broadcast Technology between the years 1949-1952. Designed as a microphone and main studio amplifier, the V72 uses dual EF804S tubes, and has a fixed gain of 34dB, and was used with a high pass filter as a mic pre, and as a buffering amplifier to make up for losses from a passive fader EQ. When the V76 arrived, the V72 was generally used only for buffering in broadcast applications.

    In the mid 50s both the Siemens and TAB companies began manufacturing the units for Telefunken, and the V72 became the standard preamp in German radio stations, while its cousin the V72s was being used extensively by companies like Decca and EMI, (most famously by the Beatles in the REDD console).

    Siemens had modified the classic V72 to come up with the V72b, which uses a different pair of tubes, the E283CC and E88CC. The V72b pairs well with the V76, with enough head room to handle its high output level. It has a better signal-to-noise ratio and less inter-modulation distortion than the V72, and is an excellent mastering amp.
    Approximately 25,000 units were built for domestic use in Germany, and many more for export. By 1963, its reign had come to an end, as the age of transistors had arrived, and the V72 was replaced by the V72T (’T’ for transistor). Siemens continued to build the V72 until 1964, and the V72B until 1966. TAB continued to build the V72 until the mid 1970s.

    Several different amplifiers were made on the basic V72 circuit platform, including the V71, V76 and V77. Other members of the V72 family, with different circuitry, are the A, B, & S versions of the V72, as well as the V70, V74A and V77B.

    At the dawn of the 1960s, AEG-Telefunken was a major manufacturer of broadcast equipment, and their systems were found in radio stations around the globe. The venerable V72 was an important part of these facilities: rugged, dependable, quality units that stayed in operation for decades, and are still valued today.

    Price includes Premium VK Servicing - a $460 value! Unit will be recapped, with all pots, switches and connector edges cleaned and any faulty components repaired. Our servicing is regarded as the best in the industry worldwide! Can be sold as raw modules or racked in a variety of rack styles. Stereo matching is available. A pair can be VK racked in our 2 channel, 3U chassis for $1150,. VK Racks are expertly crafted, coming with 48v, output attenuation pots, XLR i/o's and PSU.

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    Condition Used / Vintage
    Channels Single-Channel
    Chassis Other Module
    Direct Input No
    Digital I/O No
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