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Reviving gear is our passion. It's what started our company. It's why engineers and musicians all over the world trust us to repair, restore, and rebuild their most valued, historic equipment. At Vintage King, we set the standard for service, expertise and know-how. Our team of techs offer more than 150 years of combined experience, ready to work on projects of any scope or size, for clients on any continent. The bottom line is, we all know that great gear is only great when it's working to its fullest potential. Trust Vintage King to get it there.
Working on vintage gear is an artform. It takes a rare combination of hands, ears, and heart, not to mention years of experience, and super-human patience, too. Here in the VK Tech Shop, you'll find the true artisans you want working on your classic gear. Armed with decades of experience restoring, repairing, and installing the most technical music gear on the planet, we're prepared to expertly handle any project of yours, big or small.

In addition to acting as a comprehensive service center for clients all over the world, our technicians stand behind each and every piece of used gear available for purchase at Vintage King. We inspect, evaluate, and take steps to ensure that all gear is as close to spec as humanly possible. What's more, we feel beyond confident guaranteeing our results with a warranty, too.
We understand that there is a limited, ever-dwindling supply of classic microphones available. With that in mind, we want to do our part to honor recording history and faithfully preserve as many as possible, giving 60-year-old microphones at least another 60 years of service. As a part of our commitment to quality and preservation, we stand behind all of our restorations with a 6-month warranty in addition to an inspection period (valid for 14 days after receipt of the microphone). If you determine that it's not the right microphone for you, for any reason during the inspection period, then you'll be refunded 100% the cost of the microphone.

Console Restorations

Preserving our recording history.

Our console techs are among the most experienced and well-regarded in the industry, going to great lengths to give each board the unique attention it needs — and deserves. From a light tune-up all the way to a full-on restoration, we offer a comprehensive slate of services, including sonic and cosmetic modifications. You can choose an available console or trust us with yours. Whatever console or level of servicing you select, we will work with you to ensure you receive the desk you've always wanted, while standing behind it with our trusted service warranty.

Let Vintage King Service Your Gear

Microphone Restorations

Serviced inside and out, with a warranty to boot.

From large and small diaphragm condensers to ribbons and dynamics, Vintage King specializes in servicing all types of microphones, whether it’s a classic or a newer model. And because we recondition all of our mics in-house, we are able to provide a warranty for almost every mic we work on. From cable to psu to microphone electronics and capsules, all aspects of the microphone are serviced, so that our customers can receive a reliable system that will give them many years of trouble-free operation.

Let Vintage King Service Your Gear

Outboard Gear Restorations

Faithful to history, true to tone.

Whether outboard gear is specifically sent to us for restoration or is part of our used inventory, each piece goes to a designated specialist based on that individual's background and experience. The tech checks in the gear, evaluating what's incorrect cosmetically or what's not functioning properly, then does whatever it takes to make it right. While tone-faithful preservation and age-appropriate cosmetic restoration are our usual overarching goals, we can also perform like-new visual restorations or component upgrades — whatever the gear's new owner requests. After the restoration process, every piece of gear undergoes multiple stages of QC to make sure it's perfect before it's neatly and thoroughly packed for safe travel.

Let Vintage King Service Your Gear

VK Racks

The toughest racks in the business.

We build super-tough, high-quality racks and have been for over 15 years. Whether you're looking for a rugged 19" rack or something custom like a wood lunchbox, we can build it for you. Over the years, we've been constantly improving our designs for the utmost in stability and performance. In addition to rugged construction with brawny, best-in-class specs, VK Racks feature a low-noise custom power supply and grounding scheme plus a five-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Let Vintage King Service Your Gear