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Studio Electronics AMP

Two stage Class-A discrete voltage controlled amplifier Eurorack module

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Studio Electronics
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Product Description
Additional Information
  • Product Description

    The Studio Electronics AMP is a 2 stage Class A discrete design using 3 pairs of hand matched transistors. Envelope is usually applied to ST1/1. ST1/2 goes thru an attenuverter and can be used for envelope or modulation. ST2/1 goes to the 2nd stage, and is typically used for volume control. ST2/2 goes thru an attenuverter and is typically used for modulation.

    The AMP, the 5089, and the 3003 are Class A circuits. They draw more current from the +12 rail than from the -12 volt rail. If the system power supply is under-sized, hum or buzz may be heard. In that case, larger filter capacitors and/or a larger power transformer will be needed. The 4075 draws equally from both rails, and is more immune to hum. Like the filters Boomstar Modular AMPs are hand-built entirely in the U. S. of A—just ask Rachael Herbison!

    Potentiometer Potential

    Two attenuverters and two attenuation pots control the INPUT, ST1 CV2, ST2 CV2, and OUTPUT, delivering smooth, detailed, and complex expression.

    Switch it Up

    Uber useful continuous hypnotic DRONE for endless sustain/release, and DRIVE—the overdrive circuit from the Boomstar desktop—for last stage energy, bite, soft clipping, and gonzo '70's era "Distortion +" crunchy fuzz.

    Patch it Up

    Six patch points: INPUT, ST1 CV1, ST1 CV2, ST2 CV1, ST2 CV2, OUTPUT direct the deepest manipulation.

    All Controls and Patch Points

    • INPUT – Adjusts the audio input.
    • ST1 CV2 – Adjusts stage 1, control voltage 2.
    • ST2 CV2 – Adjusts stage 2, control voltage 2.
    • DRONE – Sustains the last note received.
    • DRIVE – Final output stage overdirve/saturation.
    • OUTPUT – Adjusts the audio output.
    • INPUT – Audio input.
    • ST1 CV1 – Stage 1, control voltage 1 input.
    • ST1 CV2 – Stage 1, control voltage 2 input.
    • ST2 CV1 - Stage 2, control voltage 1 input.
    • ST2 CV2 – Stage 2, control voltage 2 input.
    • OUTPUT – Audio output.

    Power Usage - 35mA, 12mA (+12 / -12)

  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    Chassis Eurorack Modular
    Input Connectors 3.5mm TS
    Output Connectors 3.5mm TS
    Module Slot Count 8hp
    Connector Type 3.5mm
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