SSL AWS 916 Delta

16-channel / 8-bus analog console

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  • Product Description

    The SSL AWS 916 is a 16 channel configuration of the AWS 924. It’s equipped with all the features of the full 924 version. These include; AWSomation automation computer, A FADA Analogue automation via DAW control, Total Recall, 2 layer Ethernet based DAW control, Surround Mixing and Monitoring and the famous SSL Buss Compressor.

    The AWS 916 Channel Input section features a balanced Line Input with +/-20dB SuperAnalogue™ Mic Amp featuring continuous mic gain control (+15 to +75dB), phase reverse and switchable 48V phantom power. An Instrument D.I allows for high impedance sources such as guitars.

    The AWS 916 features a highly flexible EQ section, switchable between a default ‘E Series’ operation and the characteristic ‘G Series’ curves and control interaction. The INS IN switch routes the channel via the balanced Insert Send and Return. PRE places the Insert before the EQ section. In conjunction with the dynamics CHIP and CHOP routing keys, the order of the EQ, INSERT and DYNAMICS blocks can be re-ordered.

    Each channel has access to 2 main Stereo Busses (RECORD and MIX) in addition to 2 Stereo Cue busses and 4 mono FX sends.

    Every AWS Channel features a Direct Channel Output (CH OP) and can also feed 8 independent Track Busses. SSL’s unique “EFX” system is present on all channels.

    The AWS features touch sensitive 100mm motorized faders. In analogue mode they control the analogue signal path of either the Channel input or DAW return path. In DAW mode they default to control over channel level control but can be used for other controllable DAW parameters.

    The AWS centre section stereo compressor is based on the legendary G Series bus comp and can be assigned to either the REC or MIX stereo busses.

    Two classic SSL Channel Dynamics processing strips with separate Compressor and Gate/Expander sections can be assigned to any channel.

    The AWS features comprehensive talkback routing with dedicated independent communication buttons for independent foldback sends.

    There is a dedicated Stereo VU meter for the MIX, REC, Monitor and Solo busses, a VU Phase meter, 5.1 monitor metering, 8 individual Track Bus meters and all Cue and FX send level indication. Each channel sports a dual 12-segment meter which allows DAW Stereo track monitoring.

    TotalRecall™ is SSL patented technology that aides the saving and recalling of analogue console control settings for a specific Project or Session. The AWS includes the timesaving ‘TR Autoscan’ feature which draws the operators attention to only those Channels that need adjustment.

    To accommodate modern production methods the AWS consoles now feature an independent Summing Input which allows additional Tracks from the DAW access to the Cue and FX send busses, therefore allowing those DAW tracks access to hardware outboard units and the creation of dedicated Cue mixes from the DAW.


    • 16-channel/8-bus analog console
    • 16-fader control surface (ideal for small control rooms)
    • SSL SuperAnalogue signal path with component topologies found in K, E, and G series consoles
    • SSL SuperAnalogue mix bus with SSL Master Bus Compressor
    • In-line compression and EQ for each channel
    • 4-Band EQ with independent E/G curve switching
    • Compression based on the G series console
    • A-FADA Mode where motorized analogue faders follow DAW automation
    • Full MIDI/HUI-compliant control surface for use with any major DAW
    • Digital Scribble Strips for console and DAW data
    • Includes SSL's trademarked TOTAL RECALL system
    • 5.1, stereo, or mono output
    • Full 5.1 monitoring, including in-depth calibration and external metering options
    • MIDI via Ethernet for DAW connectivity
    • LOGICTIVITY browser for session management
    • Responsible "green" manufacturing and reduced power consumption

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    Condition New
    Channels 16-Channel
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