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Sputnik Quad Function & Trigger Source

Eurorack synthesizer module that provides four independent or paired (quadrature mode) function generators for creating complex envelopes

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Sputnik Modular
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Product Description
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  • Product Description

    The Sputnik Quad Function and Trigger Source provides four independent or paired (quadrature mode) CV function generators for creating complex envelopes. Each generator can be triggered by an external pulse, a sustained gate (for ASR response), and is also able to self-cycle (for looping AD/AR or LFO-like shapes). Attack and decay times are controllable via CV or control knobs and each stage ranges in length from 0.05 to 10 seconds.

    Each section has a CV output and an end-of-cycle pulse output. Each pair of channels (1+2, 3+4) also features an output jack for an OR logic gate that allows for complex envelope combinations with the help of a control knob. Finally, quadrature mode allows each channel pair to be synchronized 90° out of phase with the duty cycle of its pair (i.e. channel 2 will begin its cycle when channel 1 starts its attack phase).

    Two slide switches (A/B and C/D) on a back on a module give a possibility to select the maximum envelope voltage level 0-5V or 0-8V.


    Attack and Decay

    • 4 generators
    • The time range of each generator (.005 – 10 seconds) can be controlled via CV pulse input jacks for both attack and decay + control knobs
    • 3-mode switch per generator: CYCLE (LFO), TRANSIENT, SUSTAINED



    • Each generator includes CV output + pulse output that generates a transient pulse at the end of the decay segment: if the generator is in CYCLE mode for instance, that cycle will repeat
    • QUADRATURE MODE SWITCH with green LED: when engaged, 1+2 (or 3+4) work in tandem + a shift of 90 degrees to each other. These pairs can then be linked creating complex ADSR envelopes.
    • Dedicated outputs for 1+2 and 3+4 as well as attenuator knobs for mixing channels.



    • 28hp +12V/-12V/+5V
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