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Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System

Microphone modeling system with large-diaphragm mic, transparent preamp, PSU, shock mount, case and plug-ins - Mac/PC AAX, AU, VST2 and VST3

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Slate Digital
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Product Description
Additional Information
  • Product Description

    Slate Digital and Vintage King Audio bring you the next generation of precision modeled hybrid microphone technology, the Slate VMS Virtual Microphone System. Exact characteristics of the best vintage tube microphone examples on the planet were painstakingly digitally modeled to within the smallest detail, enabling the user to have a virtual mic cabinet of the world's best microphones but without the massive expense and maintenance. The Slate Digital VMS also includes equally precise models of the world's most sought after microphone preamps so that you can mix and match virtual microphones and virtual preamps to find your own personal flavor. The Slate Virtual Microphone System incorporates a high quality and extremely transparent hardware microphone preamp within the power supply, so that you may also avoid the hassle and expense of having to add an external microphone preamp to your recording chain. Simply an incredible value from Slate and a product literally revolutionizing the microphone industry overnight. 


    • ML-1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone
    • VMS-One dual preamp with PSU
    • Carrying case
    • Shock mount
    • VMS plug-in software


    • Software Type: Virtual Modeling
    • Platform: Mac, PC
    • Format: AAX, AU, VST2 & VST3
    • Hardware Requirements, Mac: Quad Core i5 Processor, 4GB RAM
    • Hardware Requirements, PC: Quad Core i5 Processor, 4GB RAM
    • OS Requirements, Mac: OS X 10.7 and above
    • OS Requirements, PC: Windows 7 and above
    • iLok2 Required


    Hearing is believing

    Want to hear the Slate VMS Virtual Microphone System for yourself? Check out Slate Digital's Virtual Microphone System Audio Comparison




    Reviews and Testimonials

    “After trying out the VMS 251 and 47 models using the 73 preamp emulation, I can say that this product delivers on its promise to offer realistic recreations of the vintage mics and pres.”
    - Jay Baumgardner

    “I’m literally blown away. We just put it up against a real 47 and it matched so close that they would be indistinguishable in a mix. This is a winner. You even get the 3D quality of the real mics. This is a new frontier.”
     - Ross Hogarth

    “I just A/B’d it with my Holy Grail microphones and it was eerily close. I never would’ve doubted that I was listening to another 47 or 251, but it was the Slate VMS. Considering the VMS will sell for 1/10 the price of my mics, this is a slam dunk, no brainer. And quite unbelievable.”
    - Greg Wells

    “With the VMS and its modules I used the 251 on leads and the 800 on overdubs/mults and harmonies. The 73 for the preamp sounded awesome and I even ‘blew it up’ for saturation that didn’t make me fear blowing up our real 1073. This system allows me to make that workflow happen but only using one mic/input. Very awesome indeed.”
    - Rob Ruccia


  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    Package Contents ML-1 large-diaphragm condenser mic, VMS-One dual preamp with PSO, carrying case, shock mount, VMS plug-in software
    Transducer Type Condenser
  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    What you've been hearing is true by Lou

    Despite quite literally hundreds of positive reviews of this product I was pretty skeptical. Even with owning the Slate Everything Bundle and finding it essential to my work I was skeptical. I've heard lots of emulations of external hardware, and many are very good, but a microphone? So many, many variables to emulate this object.

    Nonetheless I dropped the cash hoping for the best. After all, a good emulation of a C800 at $1000 seems, by itself, a pretty good bargain.

    But what I found was was more than that. Each emulation sounds unique and is readily picked up in A/B recordings (i.e.: I could trivially tell which mic was which). So the different tonal values are immediately different. That alone is quite an achievement.

    I do not own all 3 of the emulated mics, but have used one or two. Honestly, the differences between a randomly owned physical version and
    these emulations are minute. I'm sure there are those who would disagree or even at least one who would just say I'm a fandboy, but you need
    to hear this thing for yourself.

    The parts are well made and just fine - though VERY flat - by themselves, so if nothing else you have a reasonably good condenser mic and preamp. But it is so much more. And, the ability to change mics AFTER recording is a unique side effect. Well done Stephen.

    Special mention goes to Vintage King who through no fault of their own created a bit of a shipping problem. They worked tirelessly on a bunch of possible solutions, but we got it done in the end and I'm grateful to them for their patience with a very impatient me.

    Short story: try this thing. It's a pretty bold and amazing achievement.

    Unbelievable by Cleon

    I have asked some grammy winners and grammy nominated engineers which mic they found quite useful. They said the Sony C800. I would dream of owning one and thinking of the killer sound I would get, but for USD 10000 plus taxes and duties I knew it would be some time before I got it in my mic locker. Then Slate Digital drops the VMS which they've been working on for years.

    I have all of Slate Digital's software and I know that Fabrice Gabriel and Steven Slate don't release anything unless it is killer. I also know that their support is top of the line so it was obviously easy. I looked at all the videos and reviews and I saw the Sony C800 emulation staring at me and I made the plunge. 3 microphone emulations for 1/10 th of the cost of one.
    I ordered it from Vintage King on Thursday afternoon and it was in my hands on Wednesday morning...Priority Shipping.

    I set up the mic and recorded. Clear sound and no distortion whatsoever. Now for the magical part. Putting on the emulations. I finally heard it. The sound...robust mids without a boxy sound. This was the FG-47 emulation. Wow. I went through each emulation and enjoyed my new palette of possibilities.

    Now, I've never heard the actual mics that the software was emulating but I knew this much... They sounded much better than The Rode K2 and other mics I own. Once you pair it with the preamps it gives you even more colours to play with.

    I have the entire VMR collection so I was able to EQ and compress to my heart's content and with other mic emulations coming I am totally satisfied. It's instant satisfaction and a massive upgrade for what you are getting.

    Thanks to Steven Slate, Fabrice Gabriel and the great staff at VK

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