Shicong Fatnunu

Shicong Fatnunu

Shicong is a producer, recording engineer, composer, and musician (guitar and synthesizer).

These are some pieces of his work with artists in China, with his logo Fatnunu: Feixiang, Chenlin, Funky Sueyoshi, Zhangling, Linyilian, Shabaoliang, Yangkun, Xiexiaodong, Lijun, Song Rui.

Shicong works with his friend, engineer Keizo and his new friend, engineer Yuji Sugiyama. His musical director is Zhushu master Shengyongge.

XieXie (Thanks) Mike!

Shicong's Favorite Gear:

  1. Mercury M72s
  2. Vintage Neve 1073
  3. Brent Averill 1272
  4. Telefunken V672
  5. Urei 1176LN
  6. Mercury M66
  7. Neve 33609
  8. Avalon AD2044
  9. Neumann U47
  10. Vintage Telefunken E250