Sean McDonald

Sean McDonald

Sean has produced records for indie faves, The Clarks, Grapevine, Carroway, and Mercury, but is best known for his work on the PBS “American Soundtrack” and “My Music” series. These record setting PBS shows have grossed more than 80 million dollars.

Artists have included: Aretha Franklin, Little Richard, Eric Burden, Roger McGuinn, Dionne Warwick, The Four Tops, The Isley Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddley, Hank Ballard, Patty Page, Gary Wright, Roy Clark, Bill Medley, The Commodores, Pat Boone, Bill Anderson and Heatwave.

Sean McDonald and Sofa King Music Services has recorded and mixed select shows for the syndicated radio series, “Live at the World Café”.

Artists have included: Kim Richey, The Damnwells, John Gorka, Freedy Johnson, Sonny Landreath, Janis Ian, Soul Asylum, Patty Griffin, Jesse Malin, Marshall Crenshaw, David Poe and Michelle Schocked.

Branching out into surround mixing, Sean was picked to mix a new series of live concert broadcasts from Velocity Broadcasting.

The “In Higher Definition” series, Is closed circuit programming shot in HD and 7.1 surround. Winton Marsalis is the first artist scheduled to appear.

Sean's Favorite Gear:

  1. Korby "Stubby" FET
    One of his first mics. Its not the most expensive mic I have, but never, ever disappoints.
  2. Summit TPA Mic Pre
    Great on electric guitars. Thick sounding, but great top end.
  3. Millennia Media HV3C Mic Pre
    Incredibly fast and true sounding, great on hand percussion.
  4. AKG BX20
    Well, its really big which is cool. But more importantly it has such nice, subtle, spooky reverb tone that I haven't found anywhere else.
  5. Yamaha Maple Custom 24" Bass Drum
    I have many drum sets, but this kick drum is very special, just perfect. Resonate, but solid and defined.
  6. Empirical Labs Fatso
    Great compressor that can thicken sources, and can soften strident edges. Works well on over heads, and acoustic guitars.
  7. Eclair Engineering Evil Twin D.I.
    Wonderfully fast D.I. that seems to make the bass go deeper. Love it.
  8. Chandler EMI TG Channel
    Great sounding pre, plus a sweet eq section.
  9. Electrix Filter Factory
    All sorts of great sounding filters, and distortion, no plug in can touch this thing.
  10. Manley Variable-MU Compressor/Limiter
    Makes everything better, just like a hug from mom.