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Since spending his earlier years tinkering around with his dad’s hi-fi equipment, Vintage King salesman Scotty Iulianelli has always been fond of audio gear. It all started with reel to reels. Working to capture his middle and high school bands on tape, Iulianelli became obsessed with pushing the limits of his recordings. He just needed a better set-up.

“One day my dad came home with a big box of microphones he found at a pawn shop in Detroit for less than 50 bucks,” Scotty says of his first gear upgrade. “I opened it up and it was full of Altec (Western Electric) 639Bs and a few 639As from the early 1940s.”

This spirit of finding new and old gear remains a consistent in Iulianelli’s life today. When he’s not working at Vintage King, Scotty can usually be found padding his home studio with even more equipment, in addition to recording bands, including his own. At night, the constant sound of Velcro being pulled apart keeps his entire house awake, as he works like a mad scientist trying to create the perfect pedal board layout.

As Vintage King’s reigning guitar expert, Scotty’s knowledge base runs the gamut of all things with six-strings and foot switches. His love of pedals is deep-seated and tends to run a little on the weird side from insane delay to self-oscillating effects. No matter whether you’re looking for outboard gear, consoles or the craziest pedals, Scotty is your man to talk to.

Scotty Q & A

What is your favorite piece of gear?

The Roland Space Echo 201. I love flipping that toggle switch and seeing and hearing things clicking, squeaking and clunking around in there. It's a mixer, tape machine, effect pedal and instrument all-in-one. They can be temperamental, but it's part of their charm for sure.

What piece of gear do you think changed history?

There are so many, but I would have to say the electric guitar.

What made you want to work at Vintage King?

One day I stopped by to pick up some gear I was having serviced by Rich Hunt, a senior tech at Vintage King and friend of mine. I was completely blown away by the quality of work he and the rest of the techs were doing. There were these dudes all focused on, cleaning, fixing, testing this gear! The place was packed wall-to-wall with Neve, API and SSL consoles and cool vintage outboard gear. I was in love with what I saw and submitted my resume the same week. I still get overwhelmed with that same warm and fuzzy feeling when I walk into the tech shop.