Schoeps RC 350g

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350 mm active extension tube for Colette modular mics
Schoeps RC 350g


The Schoeps RC 350 is an active extension tube used between a Colette series microphone's capsule and amplifier. This provides an unobtrusive way to place a microphone capsule directly in front of a vocalist or announcer without blocking anyone's view. This type of extension tube has become the standard for miking orchestras in television and video productions.

The RG 8 swivel clamps the Colette tube onto a vertical support rod, allowing adjustment of the tube's height and angle. The angle of the capsule relative to the tube is adjustable independently from 0° (fully extended) to 120°. This gives the Colette tube a very wide range of applications.


  • Adjustable angle 0° (fully extended) - 120°
  • Available in lengths 350, 700, 1200mm
  • A complete stand setup consists of MK capsule, RC, STR, BF 250 and CMC 6

Please note: Microphone is not included.

Additional Information

Condition New
Package Contents N/A
Length 350 mm
Width N/A
Height N/A
Depth N/A
Speaker Stand Height N/A
Mic Stand Height N/A
Diameter N/A
Unit Weight N/A
Boom Length N/A
Mic Stand Type N/A
Chassis N/A
Channels N/A
Module Slot Count N/A
Active or Passive N/A
Top Platform Dimensions N/A
Base Dimensions N/A
Analog Tape Size N/A

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