Schoeps B 5 CG

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Quick Overview

Solid foam teardrop popscreen - chroma green
Schoeps B 5 CG


The Schoeps B 5 CG is an acoustic foam close-speech popscreen in chroma green. It provides sufficient protection at normal speaking distances for cardioids and other directional capsules, especially when speech capsules are used. With omnidirectional capsules it may even be used outdoors in light wind. Minimal effect on sound quality.


  • For moderate distances from the person speaking
  • Can also be used as a windscreen for pressure transducers
  • Negligible effect on sound quality


  • Attenuation of wind-noise at 18 km/h (11 mph) for an omni: 28 dB-A
  • Attenuation of wind-noise at 18 km/h (11 mph) for a supercardiod: 20 dB-A

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Additional Information

Condition New
Package Contents N/A
Length 70 mm
Width N/A
Height N/A
Depth N/A
Speaker Stand Height N/A
Mic Stand Height N/A
Diameter 45 mm
Unit Weight N/A
Boom Length N/A
Mic Stand Type N/A
Chassis N/A
Channels N/A
Module Slot Count N/A
Active or Passive N/A
Top Platform Dimensions N/A
Base Dimensions N/A
Analog Tape Size N/A

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