Ron Saint Germain

Ron Saint Germain

In Ron's 34+ years in the business he has mixed and/or produced and mixed on 18 Grammy nominated projects with 12 winners. He has worked with such artists as 311, Muse, Bad Brains, Tool, Sound Garden, U2, DMC, Mos Def, Breed 77, Sonic Youth, Alien Ant Farm, Living Color, Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure, Killing Joke, Creed, Kraftwerk, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Ashford & Simpson, Ornette Coleman, McCoy Tyner, Dexter Gordon and The Last Poets to mention a few.

“None of us remember for very long who won what Nobel Peace Prize, Academy Award or Grammy and those are the "best in their fields". Applause subsides, awards tarnish, and achievements are forgotten. The accolades and certificates usually get buried before their owners. What remains are the people who make a real difference in our lives and they are usually NOT the ones with the most money, credentials or awards. Like a great song, an inspired creation that is captured (in ANY format) at just that 'right' expressive moment will take on a life of its own and live on through generations! It has the ability to inspire and heal; actually change the world. Those are the moments I seek to capture and the only rewards that I strive to achieve with my work.” - Ron Saint Germain

Photo: Saint (left) and his co-pilot Pete

Ron's Favorite Gear:

  1. Marc Levinson Dual Mono Cello Amplifiers w/ Transparent Audio Speaker Cables & ProAc Studio 100 near field monitors.
    "ProAc has done it RIGHT with this design!"
  2. Neve/Amek 9098i Mixing Console
  3. ATR 1" 2-Trk Analog Master Recorder (custom modified to bypass all electronics and go straight to the head stack) & Studer 827 2" Multi Track Recorder
  4. Esoteric Audio Research (EAR) 660 Compressor/Limiter
  5. Neve 32264 Correction Units
  6. Pultec EQP-1A3 (modified with Telefunken Tubes and an EQ Bypass which leaves only the tubes in circuit)
  7. Moog 3 Band Parametric EQ
  8. SPL Transient Designer
  9. Roland Dimension D
  10. Lexicon 200 Reverb Unit