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Robert is one of our very best demo guys, adept at routing anything in the VKLA showroom to help customers find the perfect signal chain and dial in a great sound. He's a blast to work with in the studio, too, with extensive experience on both sides of the glass. Like most of us, Robert found his passion for music at an early age, starting in elementary school bands and orchestras and segueing into electric guitar work in a number of rock and jazz groups. He followed up that passion with a formal degree in music and education, maintaining a number of personal projects on the side.

We're psyched to have Robert play an integral part of our VKLA team. Directly before joining us at Vintage King, he worked for another LA-based retailer, but was drawn to the passion, experience, and unique kind of vibe VKLA is all about. Plus, he's now able to focus on his love for recording systems that hybridize a modern DAW-based workflow with key pieces of analog equipment. Whenever you're looking for a comprehensive shootout, are eager to try out a few new signal chains, or you're wanting to pair the perfect pre with your favorite mic, don't hesitate to call into VKLA and set up an appointment with Robert. He has a great ear, and a penchant for conjuring up just the right sound you're after.

Q & A
What are a few of your personal interests?
Music, food & video games.

What is your favorite piece of gear?
Retro 176. It just seems to make everything come to life.

What piece of gear do you think changed history?
Obviously there are several groundbreaking milestones throughout recording history, but the AD/DA converter really changed the landscape. It has allowed someone with a minimal budget and experience to be able to create and produce music in their bedroom quite easily. It has also changed the workflow of major studios as well.

What made you want to join Vintage King?
I have never worked for another company that was as passionate about not only what we are selling, but also the service we offer. It's refreshing that this company's main objective is customer satisfaction.