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What does VK Post offer for Broadcast and Content Creation?
VK Post makes choosing and purchasing the right tools for your broadcast and content creation systems and facility as easy as possible. With a wide range of microphones, recording systems and field recorders, and live / broadcast consoles to choose from, we can help you make sure that your show, shoot or session goes smoothly, and you get a great recording or broadcast. Our clientele ranges from Hollywood studios, through TV and game audio production houses, all the way to individuals running their own operations. We can help you devise the perfect workflow to maximize your effectivity.

Microphones, Recorders & Live Consoles

As a branch of Vintage King Audio, VK Post can provide a wide range of top-class new and vintage microphones, mic pres, compressors and EQs for your recording chain. We have broadcast and live consoles and partnerships with most of the best console manufacturers. We can help you determine if a computer-based, or standalone recording system is best for your project and help you make sure that your recordings are formatted and delivered correctly for upstream production.

Financing & Leasing

Carefully structured financing is important to any business. Use our leasing and financing partnerships to help you make sure that your equipment is paying for itself, so your company’s balance sheet stays healthy and your CFO stays happy.