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For Paul Johnson, the calling of his faith has always helped direct him down life’s path. Getting his start as a Christian-based hip-hop artist, the Michigan-born performer traveled the world spreading the good word through his music. When Paul decided to start a family, he left the touring world behind to focus on more stable job opportunities.

“When my wife got pregnant, that’s when I started to get into the audio sales business,” Johnson says. “I started working on the sales floor like a normal associate, but shortly after, I realized I was capable of doing more than that. I started working on the professional side of the company, specializing in installing live sound because I had a knack for it.”

Spending over a decade at Guitar Center, first as a sales associate then a live sound expert, Johnson amassed an incredible amount of experience, especially in the House of Worship realm. Performing installs of speakers, projectors, lighting and more, his life once again revolved around helping the church, a move that pleased Paul and his family.

“I grew up in the church, I understand their needs specifically and my heart wants to help them meet their goals,” Johnson states. “It’s a natural thing for me to go to a church, find out what they want to do and reach that goal. For me, I thought it was a great fit.”

Leading Vintage King’s venture into the world of live sound, Paul Johnson is excited about the prospects of doing things the right way. He’s ready to tackle audio issues in any live setting and help break down the roadblocks that can pop up between the performer and audience. “I understand that sound can be a barrier between reaching people,” Johnson says. “If you can get it to where there is nothing standing in the way, you can make a better connection and meet your goals more easily.“

Q & A

What is your favorite piece of gear?

I love the Blue Microphones Bottle. I like how warm it is and all of the different options for capsules. It’s just a great sounding mic and gives you a lot of options.

What piece of gear changed how people work the most?

When Les Paul created multi-track recording, it really changed things. You didn’t have to do everything in one take in the room, you could do parts over and over again.

What’s been your favorite studio/live sound install from throughout your career?

There’s a church in downriver Detroit called Metro City Church. We did a D.A.S. line array system there and a bunch of lighting and it’s absolutely incredible. They do all day-long programs, six to eight hours and you won’t have a headache when you leave. The sound isn’t harsh at all. I’m very proud of that job. The pastor there is really great as well.

What made you want to work at Vintage King?

It was really the idea that we could build something new. I was very happy with what I was doing and I liked my work, but I also liked the idea of building something. It’s an exciting prospect to be building out Vintage King’s live sound division and it gives my work new meaning.