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Nugen VisLM-H2 + LM-Correct 2 Bundle

Software bundle combining two industry standard products used for loudness metering and conformance

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Product Description
Additional Information
  • Product Description

    The Nugen VisLM-H2 + LM-Correct 2 Bundle includes two industry standard programs used for loudness metering and conformance.

    Nugen VisLM-H2

    Using an industry standard gives you confidence and peace of mind. Nugen VisLM-H2 delivers everything you need – intuitively, accurately and immediately.

    With a unique design focused on primary loudness parameters, VisLM-H combines an instant overview with detailed historical information, enabling you to hit your target first time, every time.

    Additional loudness logging and time-code functions allow for proof of compliance reporting and postmortem analysis with frame accurate referencing.

    Elegant and simple to use, VisLM-H2 promotes a highly efficient workflow with the ability to drill down to any level of complexity the context demands. With VisLM-H2, your loudness workflow is transparently integrated into the production environment. Now with a fully resizable interface and many additional visualizations, it's even simpler to identify exactly the information you need and choose the configuration that matches your workflow precisely.

    VisLM-H2 remembers loudness data – up to 12 hours, locked to time-code received directly from your NLE/DAW. Any minor edit or over dub immediately triggers overall loudness updates, eliminating the need for end to end re-measurement. Loudness data is saved with the session allowing full session loudness recall – pick up where you left off. Offline AudioSuite scans can be loaded into the real-time meter for immediate pre-loading of loudness history. ReMEM brings unparalleled workflow acceleration, delivering best-in-class performance to your editing environment today.

    Loudness normalization introduces a common reference point for all stages of audio production, allowing audio professionals to remain in control of audio quality and meet the requirements of current and proposed legislation.

    Nugen LM-Correct 2

    LM-Correct gives you a unique, immediate and hassle-free route to loudness-compliant audio in your day-to-day loudness workflow, saving you time and preventing costly mistakes.

    Either within your NLE/DAW or as a stand-alone application, LM-Correct delivers automated compliance with True-Peak correction, solving your compliance issues on the spot. Used in conjunction with a real-time meter, LM-Correct saves iterative adjustments to the mix as you approach target levels, allowing transparent in-edit 'quick-touch' finishing of your audio. It’s an essential part of your loudness toolkit.

    For file based-processes (either with the standalone, Avid AudioSuite or Adobe Premiere Pro CC CEP version), LM-Correct rapidly assesses and adjusts the entire file much faster than real time. Automatically handling audio files from mono through 5.1, LM-Correct is compliant with all current loudness standards and if you need it you can specify the optional dialog-gated measure.

    LM-Correct dramatically increases efficiency when delivering multiple versions and re-purposing for different regions and play-out specifications. Transform audio from one specification to the next with a single click, faster than real-time, without the need to manually re-purpose time and again in the editor.

    Our unique look-ahead true-peak limiter also prevents potential compliance failure due to loudness correction. With True-peak, Integrated Program and Short-term Maximum targeting you can be sure your audio is compliant every time. LM-Correct: total control and complete peace of mind in production.

    With the introduction of optional dynamic processing extension in-LM-Correct 2, even complex recommendations like EBU R128 S1 can be met with great sounding algorithms, smooth efficiency. Uniquely, the new DynApt extension powered by technology developed for our server-side solutions also allows immediate correction for LRA and dynamics, whilst preserving dialogue intelligibility and correctly identifying and respecting intentional dramatic transitions. LM-Correct 2 delivers unparalleled power with renowned ease of use.


    • Native NLE/DAW operation (PT, Avid MC, FCP, Premiere etc.)
    • Stand alone application
    • International standards compliant
    • Time-code locked ReMEM enabled
    • Automated loudness overdub
    • Loudness history saved & recalled with session
    • Offline loudness 'pushed' to real-time meter
    • 'Alert' Warning options
    • Loudness boundary indicators
    • ITU-R BS. 1770 | EBU R128 | CALM Act compliant
    • Momentary, Short term and Integrated loudness
    • Loudness range
    • Overall program loudness measurement
    • Maximum True Peak Level meters
    • 'EBU Mode' meters
    • Automatic mono through 5.1 compatibility + ASWG 7.1 support
    • Leq(m) (TASA) measurement
    • Highly configurable
    • Historical loudness profile
    • Fully resisable history view
    • Loudness histogram
    • Offline data export
    • Multiple export parameters
    • Postmortem time code referencing
    • Single-click solution to loudness conformance
    • Immediate finishing of audio to loudness standards
    • Editor based and stand alone operation
    • Integrated true-peak back-stop limiter
    • Text file analysis and processing summaries
    • Optional dialog gated measure
    • Automated standard compliance
    • ITU-R BS. 1770 | EBU R128 | CALM Act compliant
    • Integrated loudness target
    • Maximum True Peak Level
    • Short-term and Momentary loudness limiting
    • Optional DynApt LRA dynamics targeting
    • 'EBU Mode'
    • Automatic mono through 5.1 compatibility + ASWG 7.1 support
    • Leq(m) (TASA) measurement
    • Clear parameter read out
    • Simple one-click analysis
    • Dial in target values directly
    • One-click correction
    • Offline faster than real-time advantage
  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    Software Delivery Electronic Delivery
    Plug-in Type Dynamics
    Plug-In Format AAX DSP, RTAS, AU, VST, VST3
    Operating System Mac, Windows
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