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NTI Nightpro EQ3D Stereo Equalizer #043916 (Used)

Stereo 6-band equalizer

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Product Description
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  • Product Description

    The Nightpro EQ 3-D is a six-band, two-channel dimensional equalizer with separate channel controls for each of the six bands. It is a true stereo system with total channel-independent electronics and filters.

    Each of the first five bands is 2.5 octaves wide with potentiometers that allow for a maximum adjustment of 15 dB. The sixth band is the AirBand and includes the Veri-Air feature allowing an adjustable elbow frequency on the AirBand shelf of between 2.5 kHz and 40 kHz. The sixth band allows for a maximum gain of 20 dB.

    The EQ 3-D has headroom of 25 dB. It provides support for balanced or unbalanced XLR inputs and outputs. Features:
    • Virtually No Phase Shift: All of the Nightpro products create virtually no phase shift in the signal -- Even at full boost!
    • 10hz to 40,000hz Adjustable Bandwidth: The EQ 3D allows users to control the spectrum all the way from 10hz to 40,000hz, a control feature no other sound enhancement tool can match.
    • The "Air Band": The EQ 3D allows variable control of the highest end of the frequency spectrum. This patented technology provides a clarity and sense of intimacy to your mix.
    • Universal Power Supply: The EQ 3D contains a power supply that can be used anywhere in the world without power adaptation.
    • 40db Control Range: The EQ 3D allows a control range of 40db on each band.
    • Lightweight Design: The EQ 3D uses a light weight power supply to achieve the needed component requirements with a much lighter weight than required by conventional power supplies of similar outputs.
    • Single Rack Space: The EQ 3D has created a single rack space unit that provides the same great sound quality as it larger products with similar analog processing capabilities.
    • Broad Design Slopes: The EQ 3D's bands are designed with an extremely wide Q. This approach yields a more natural change in frequency content than a traditional equalizer.
    • Truly Flat Frequency Response: Unlike an equalizer the EQ 3D has a completely flat frequency response whenever each band is at the same level-- the response is even flat when each band is turned all the way up!
    • The World's Most Musical Sound Enhancement System: The EQ 3D's natural sound quality has made it the world's most musical sound enhancement system.
    • Picture Perfect Square Waves: Even during equalization, the EQ 3D can process a square wave with perfect accuracy.
    • Completely Dolby Pro-Logic Compatibility: The EQ 3D's absence of phase shift allows it to process Dolby encoded signals without deterioration of the encoded signal.
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    Condition Used / Vintage
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