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Noise Engineering - Variatic Erumption

Dual burst generator with 1v/8va LFO

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Noise Engineering
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Product Description
Additional Information
  • Product Description

    The Noise Engineering Variatic Erumption is a dual-burst generator. When triggered, it produces a controllable sequence of gates synchronized to a LFO. A 1v/8va LFO is included. Any external LFO/clock may optionally be used. Bursts can be terminated early with the choke. Burst length can be controlled as well as the pattern used for the burst.

    Patch Tutorial

    Put INT/EXT switch into the INT position. Put FST/SLW switch into the SLW position.

    Set PAT knob fully CCW. Set left CNT fully CW.

    Connect the left OUT and END to two gateble modules such as an envelope or Basimilus Iteritas.

    Hit the let HIT switch. A long burst will be generated which will blink the orange LED and trigger the attached device. At the end of the burst the red LED will blink and any device attached to the end out will trigger.

    Adjusting the TMP knob while hitting HIT will change the burst speed. The tempo can be controlled by CV (CLK IN). Send an envelope or LFO to modulate the burst rate. The tempo range can be changed with the FST/SLW switch. It has three positions each is half tempo of the position above. The CNT knob/jack controls the number of gates in the burst. The PAT knob/jack controls the pattern of the burst.

    Connect an external trigger source to the HIT jack to trigger the burst externally.

    Hitting the CHK switch or sending a trigger to the CHK jack will terminate the burst.

    To use an external clock Ęip the clock switch to EXT and send a clock into the INLFO. Everything will work the same except it will use the external clock for output timing. In this mode the DIV knob acts as an adjustable divider to the clock input. To match the external clock without division put DIV in the fully CCW position.

    Interface - LFO

    • Int/Ext - This switch selects the burst clock source between the internal LFO or an external clock.
    • In Jack 0-8v - In internal LFO mode this jack is a 1v/8va CV for the internal LFO and has 8 octaves of range. In external mode, it is a clock input. Burst gate length follows both rising and falling edges so clock duty cycle is maintained between LFO, Out and End.
    • Tmp/Div Knob - In internal LFO mode, this knob controls the LFO tempo. It allows 4 octaves of control. In external mode, it is a controllable clock divider with 1-32 divisions.
    • Fst/Slw Toggle - This switch controls the base tempo of the internal LFO. It is a three-position switch. Each position is half tempo of the position above. e lowest tempos in each range are: 1/2Hz (30 BPM), 2Hz (120 BPM) and 8Hz (480 BPM).
    • Out Jack - This jack outputs the LFO used for burst generation.

    Interface - Burst

    • Hit Jack - This gate input will start the burst on a rising edge. If using internal clock mode, it will also reset the phase of the internal LFO to match the HIT phase.
    • Hit Tactile - This tactile switch will start the burst when depressed. If using internal clock mode it will also reset the phase of the internal LFO to match the HIT phase.
    • Chk Jack - This gate input will terminate the current burst on a rising edge.
    • Chk Tactile - This tactile switch will terminate the current burst when depressed.
    • Cnt Jack 0-8v - This jack allows to control the burst count with a control voltage.
    • Cnt Knob - This knob allows the control of the burst count. It acts as a scalar when using an external CV.
    • Out Jack - This gate output sends a burst based on the clock when triggered with a Hit. There is an orange LED to indicate the current output state.
    • End Jack - This gate output sends a pulse based on the clock at the next clock following the end of a burst.
    • Pat Jack 0-8v - This jack allows CV control over the pattern.
    • Pat Knob - This knob controls the current pattern used for the burst. Built-in patterns are documented in detail on the following page. When rotated fully CW this knob will double the maximal length of the pattern to 64 gates. When in double length mode the bust pattern is the same as when fully CCW (every clock outputs a gate).
  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    Maximum Depth 0.8 in
    Chassis module
    Module Slot Count 10hp
    Connector Type 3.5mm
    Power Consumption +50 mA/-5 mA
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