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Neumann Gefell M582 M93 Tube Mic Pair #4094/3511 (Vintage)

Omnidirectional SDC tube mic system pair

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  • Product Description

    The M582 tube mic amplifier was manufactured by the Gefell branch of the Neumann company, in the former East Germany. Although similar in many ways to their counterparts from the Berlin Neumann factory, Gefell mics have their own sound and character. The M582 dates from the period after 1961 when all connections between East and West Germany were severed, and therefore this mic is purely a Gefell product.

    The M582 uses an EC92 tube, and the original version used a capsule head assembly that was affixed to the body with three screws. A later version of the mic body had a threaded end for the capsule head. Several different capsules were offered for the M582, with the most popular being:
    • M62 and M94 Cardioid with a nickel diaphragm
    • M70 Cardioid with a nickel diaphragm
    • M58 and M93 Omnidirectional made of PVC
    • M69 Omnidirectional made of PVC

    With mechanical modification, the mic will also accept a number of different capsule head assemblies from Gefell, and electronic mods will also allow use of the large diaphragm UM70 and M71.

    Many engineers consider the M582 with the M58 head as a great go-to mic for acoustic guitars, strings, vocal ensembles, rooms, drums, pianos and more. Omni mics such as these pick up the full sounding body of the instrument along with the room's 'air' and realism, providing depth and distance to your tracks. A nice sounding alternative when one can't afford a Neumann KM53 or M50 omni mic. Useful on stereo rooms and most all omni mic applications, imparting a musical and natural tone.
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