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Millennia HV-3R

Remote-controllable version of the HV-3D-8 offering Ethernet control with PC software interface and MIDI control for plug-and-play with Pro Tools HD

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Millennia Media
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Product Description
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  • Product Description

    Take control of your authentic mic sound with the Millennia HV-3R. Combining remote-control technology with Millennia's extraordinarily pure HV-3 preamp, the HV-3R adds a level of sophistication to any studio setup. For the extreme jet-setting engineer, you can remotely control preamp levels in an LA session from the comfort of your New York hotel room. Or, if you're like most of us, you can easily manipulate levels from directly within Pro Tools HD. The HV-3R offers Ethernet connectivity with your PC and supports re-callable control of up to 792 channels (99 units). However you steer it, you also get eight of Millennia's acclaimed HV-3 preamps, widely recognized for their purity and detail.


    • The only remote-controllable HV-3 preamplifier
    • Pure, musical, incredibly smooth preamplifier
    • Preserves your sound for later processing
    • Known to save you time with EQ
    • Millennia gear is made for detail

    The only remote-controllable HV-3 preamplifier
    In addition to arming you with eight of Millennia's acclaimed HV-3 preamps, the HV-3R lets you take charge via remote control. You can network up to 792 channels (99 units) via Ethernet, enjoying full recall-ability of your settings with the on-board memory. The HV-3R is fully controllable from your PC and can also be controlled, over MIDI, from within Pro Tools HD.

    Pure, musical, incredibly smooth preamplifier
    The HV-3 is there, but it's not there. And that's exactly how you want it. Built to offer the most transparent path from your microphone to the rest of your signal chain, the HV-3 features a transformerless input, balanced audio path, and minimal amplifier design. Aficionados of classical and acoustic-based music may have first discovered the promise of the HV-3's honest approach to preamplification, but the preamp is rapidly making its way into studios of all genres. Once you've heard it, you'll realize that no color is a color, too. What you give the HV-3, you get.

    Preserves your sound for later processing
    Much of our gear is soaked with character and personality. It's easy to overdo it. The Millennia HV-3 is ideal for the engineer who wants to try on color, without committing to one sound from the start. When you've recorded with the HV-3, you know you're starting from square one, so you can precisely dial in the tone, flavor, and character you want from your outboard gear or plug-in processors. To put it another way, if you were deciding what sculpture to make, you'd most likely want to start with an unchiseled piece of stone. The HV-3 translates the sound of the performance and the voice of your microphone, without getting in the way.

    Known to save you time with EQ
    When you're used to processing colored audio from the start, working with an HV-3 preamplifier will be a change. But, it's an easy workflow to get into. In particular, engineers who have used the HV-3 often note that tracks are somehow easier to EQ. With the right mic, in the right place, the HV-3 delivers a smooth, natural response that seems to require less tinkering. Without the heavy hand of a preamp, tracks seem to fall together into place.

    Millennia gear is made for detail
    Founder and chief designer John LaGrou takes the same approach to his exceptional audio gear as he does to the wine he cultivates in the California countryside. Detail matters, it's everything. Whether in a vintage of wine or your multi-track mix, taken together, those details can make a major difference in the end result. Millennia equipment celebrates those fine, subtle points, bringing you gear that's built with uncompromising quality to deliver purity in music.


    • Eight-channel remote-controllable HV-3 preamplifier
    • Control up to 792 channels (99 units) at once via Ethernet
    • TCP/IP addressing allows control via the Internet
    • Plug-and-play Pro Tools interface via MIDI
    • AElogic Windows software offers total control
    • High-definition meters, unlimited groups, scene management, and voltage/temperature monitoring
    • Transformerless design
    • Matched high-speed discrete transistor octet has 23dB input headroom with no "pads" needed
    • Entirely balanced audio path with precision components maintains signal integrity: THD under 5 PPM (.0005%)
    • Laser-trimmed FET-based output stage has 32dB headroom, driving 1000 foot (300m) cable runs with ease
    • Gain controls (1dB per step) on all channels are-matched to .08dB
    • Ultra-clean toroid power supply
    • Mogami Neglex OFC audio wiring, silver Teflon power wiring
    • Aluminum sixteen-gauge rack chassis
  • Additional Information

    Condition New
    Channels 8-Channel
    Chassis 19-in Rackmount
    Rack Spaces 2u
    Direct Input No
    Digital I/O No
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