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At Vintage King Audio, we know that everyone dreams of a different sound. No matter your background, there is a need to capture it and to create something completely unique to you. The creators chronicled in this on-going series have found their audio path in the world, but how do you Make Your Mark?

Bill Putnam Jr. Universal Audio • Scotts Valley, CA

Following along in his father’s footsteps, Bill Putnam Jr. grew to have a deep-seated love for engineering gear to use in the recording studio. Since reviving Universal Audio, he has dedicated the company to furthering the idea that analog and digital can not only co-exist in the studio setting, but help each other to sound even better. Read more >

Kevin Augunas, Fairfax Recordings • Los Angeles, CA

Grammy Award winner Kevin Augunas is best known for his work with The Lumineers and Gotye, but his career extends far beyond just production. Discover how the owner of Fairfax Recordings has evolved his place in the music industry by running his own studio and record label in this Make Your Mark feature. Read more >

Klayton (Celldweller) • Detroit, MI

Even though you might not realize it, the music of Klayton (Celldweller) surrounds you. The Detroit, Michigan-based synth enthusiast has created music for film, TV shows, video games, in addition to countless remixes and his own albums. Find out more about the man behind the Celldweller name in this Make Your Mark feature. Read more >

Rupert Neve, Rupert Neve Designs • Wimberley, TX

Known as the godfather of pro audio, Rupert Neve has had an undeniable impact on the world of recorded music and beyond. We're celebrating Rupert's 90th birthday by looking back at his incredible legacy and current day-to-day life at Rupert Neve Designs. Read more >

Daniel Barrett, Rubicon Studios • Austin, TX

Life is simple in Austin, Texas, and that’s the way producer Daniel Barrett likes it; a dog on the floor, tubes in his gear and a French Press machine for making coffee. Discover how this native New Yorker opened his heart to the Lone Star State and turned his living space into a down-home recording studio. Read more >

Ben Pacheco, Future Perfect Music • Santa Monica, CA

Despite starting at the University of Vermont as a mechanical engineering student, Ben Pacheco envisioned a future for himself that revolved around his passion for creating new sounds. Follow the path of Pacheco’s transformation from math student to music synthesist and, finally, his venture into creating commercial compositions for Future Perfect Music. Read more >

Carl Craig • Detroit, MI

For over three decades, Carl Craig has been one of the foremost purveyors of the world’s electronic music scene. His futuristic aesthetic and approach to the studio is one based on creating a sonic template full of new sounds. Learn more about Craig’s audio experimentation and the evolution of his art in our latest Make Your Mark. Read more >

Matt Linesch, United Recording • Hollywood, CA

In Matt Linesch’s opinion, it’s not tuning or beat detecting that makes the song or an album. It’s the matter of finding out what feels good about the artist you’re working with. This natural outlook in the studio has helped Linesch garner praise for his work with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Traffic’s Dave Mason and film projects like All Is Lost. Read more >

Chris Dugan, JingleTown Recordings • Oakland, CA

While he now serves as a freelance engineer and the studio manager of Green Day’s JingleTown Recordings, Chris Dugan got his start by commanding the four-track for his first band. Find out about Dugan’s punk rock past and how he brings his DIY influences to his current projects. Read more >

Mooka Rennick, Prairie Sun Recordings • Cotati, CA

Mark “Mooka” Rennick left his dusty life on the farm to come to California to further his passion for making music. Unlike most others who move to the Golden State, Mooka found himself settling back into his roots after finding a 12-acre farm and creating Prarie Sun Recording Studios. Read more >

Steve Lehane, Rustbelt Studios • Royal Oak, MI

The studio is one place in the world where mistakes can create sonic anomalies that destroy conventional thinking. For Steve Lehane, a producer, engineer and mixer at Rustbelt Studios, it’s these moments that make pushing faders and turning knobs so special. Read more >

Matt Grondin, The Parlor • New Orleans, LA

Learning the ropes in his parent’s studio, Matt Grondin knew exactly what he was doing when he created his own space, The Parlor Recording Studio. Located in New Orleans, the brand new studio is centered on a beautiful Neve console and Matt’s love of sonic experimentation. Read more >

Rollin Weary, I.V. Lab Studios • Chicago, IL

When it comes to recording, Rollin Weary at I.V. Lab Studios knows it’s all about using gear to capture an artist’s perfect performance. After all, it’s not the equipment that makes the record, but rather how Weary and his team use it to add something extra to the equation. Read more >

Jaron Luksa, The Rattle Room • Burbank, CA

As the owner of The Rattle Room, Jaron Luksa doesn’t shy away from an audio challenge. Bunk drum heads and out of tune guitars are no match for this engineer, who turns sour sounds into signature moments via his trusty array of amazing gear. Read more >

Ted Greenberg • Los Angeles, CA

Ted Greenberg started his audio journey as a child, learning the ropes of the business from his musician parents. Unhappy with the early recordings he played on, a chance meeting with Vintage King Audio led Ted to amass a world-class collection of impeccable studio gear. Read more >

Vince Tennant, Wild Woods Production Sound • Los Angeles, CA

For Vince Tennant, Director of Audio for Wild Woods Post Production Sound, creating and editing audio is all about focusing on the smallest details. From major projects like Hell’s Kitchen to Black Fish, Vince’s philosophy has helped him capture the ears of audiences from around the world. Read more >

Pete Lyman, Infrasonic Mastering • Los Angeles, CA

Predating the current vinyl boom, Infrasonic Sound owners Pete Lyman and Jeff Ehrenberg cut their teeth on mastering projects for bands like No Age, Best Coast and Ice Cube. Utilizing a mix of vintage and modern gear, the vinyl created at Infrasonic is a reminder that music can still be a tangible object. Read more >