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Lovepedal 10th Anniversary Eternity

One of the most sought-after custom overdrive pedals is back - limited run of 100!

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  • Product Description

    Some work their whole lives in a pitiful attempt at building a mystique while others just seem to have it naturally. Sean Michael is the latter. Sean was always into pedals—literally. Whilst his band mates would open their pedals, they did it to change the batteries; Sean wanted to have a go at the guts of the beast, the circuit itself!

    It’s a typical story of the stompbox maker; A desire to tinker and get the best tone possible—start modding and then design your own circuits. Sean Michael's pedals are hardly typical. His first commercial pedal, the COT 50 (that’s Church Of Tone to you and me) was an instant hit. With a killer low-gain Marshall tone and bitchin’ hi-gain fuzz sound in a single pedal, Michaels became the guru of the single pedal with multiple awesome tones.

    Sean’s crowning achievement just may be the Lovepedal Eternity. An incredibly amp-like and responsive tone monster, the Eternity was snatched up by pros like Andy Summers, Robben Ford and Scott Henderson. You know pickers like these have every conceivable pedal in existence shoved under their noses and offered up for free, so when they actually BUY something, you know it sounds good. The Lovepedal Eternity has been discontinued for several years now, making demand for this legendary stompbox go through the roof.

    With original Eternity pedals fetching beaucoups bucks in the used market, Sean thought it was time for a return of his favorite overdrive. Lovepedal is producing a 10th anniversary Eternity, a limited run of 100 pedals exclusive to Vintage King.

    Lovepedal 10th Anniversary Eternity
    The Lovepedal 10th Anniversary Eternity serves up incredible interactive amp-like tube tone from the cleanest clean boost to compressed blues skronk to all out medium-gain mayhem. Deceptively simple with its three-knob design, the Drive, Level and Glass knobs are totally interactive, allowing for a massive amount of diverse overdrive and boost unheard of in lesser pedals. Don’t believe us? Check out the forums devoted to the Eternity. Even the most jaded Trolls have a hard time knocking its awesomeness!

    Every setting on this sucker sounds fantastic. To try to define its sonic capabilities with examples of classic guitarists and their tones would be a long list indeed. It’s easier to say what sounds you can’t get from it, and so far we’ve only found it incapable of the most extreme Norwegian Death Metal. It's no wonder the Lovepedal Eternity is also a favorite of Jazz and Country players who demand the best in tone.

    Sean Michael, the Lovepedal 10th Anniversary Eternity creator, could have just dug up an old Eternity circuit, shipped it to some overseas manufacturer and counted his bread as pedals bounced off the assembly line...but that’s not the way he rolls. Sean started from scratch, and redesigned the circuit to be 50% smaller in size. This wasn’t just to see how good his miniaturization chops are. The smaller circuit demonstrably reduces crosstalk issues and results in a circuit that is much quieter than the original, adding extra punch to an otherwise perfect design. Sean also added the previously optional Fuse circuit, a three-way toggle that provides an exponential jump in available voicings, making the most versatile overdrive even more tweak-able.

    Sean also puts incredible thought into the packaging of his circuits. Through incredible drive and focus, Sean Michael found a way to mount the circuit board in the case that rendered it almost immune to damage. Rumor has it, your Love Pedal 10th Anniversary Eternity can take a pounding that would utterly destroy a flight data recorder. With this kind of dedication to his craft, it's no wonder Lovepedals enjoy near mythic devotion amongst their users.

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    Input Connectors 1/4 in. TS
    Output Connectors 1/4 in. TS
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