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Looptrotter Audio Monster Compressor

3 original independent units built into one piece

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Product Description
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  • Product Description

    The Looptrotter Audio Monster Compressor is actually three original independent units built into one piece: a compressor/limiter, a tube saturation circuit and a clean and processed signal mixer. The fusion of these elements gives a wide range of applications from compression and adding warmth to the tracks to sub-group processing to mastering.


    "Soulless" and "super clean" digital technology

    The Compressor evens out the signal before tube saturation in a very musical way. Unique combination of compression and tube saturation lets the engineer to bring the sound closer, extract the details and give it more energy. It makes the sound more tangible and pleasant to the ear.

    Monster Compressor is built using the best of analog technology. The highest quality, minimalistic signal path consists of integrated and discrete transistor circuits as well as electron tubes.

    FET transistor is responsible for signal level reduction, similar in sound to electron tubes. It is optimized to add low order harmonics. Because of this, the sound is tangible and detailed, even with large amounts of compression.

    Following the FET transistor, there is an amplification stage built with the highest quality, discrete operational amplifier. There are no capacitors in the compressor signal path to prevent any additional distortion.

    The saturation circuit is based on the military tubes (NOS) with prolonged life. The unique feature of the Monster Compressor is the ability to boost even order harmonics added by the tubes (2nd BOOST). It is especially useful during the more radical treatment of the tracks and sub-groups.

    The MIX function is based upon an integrated circuit dedicated for audio applications. Therefore it is neutral sounding and further broadens the MONSTER's sonic variety.

    The input and output are also made of the highest quality integrated circuits. This guarantees the neutral sound. The MONSTER's output is protected by high quality audio capacitors.

    All parameters, except for the saturation, are switch based allowing for matching the settings on both channels when working with stereo material. It also gives the possibility of a quick settings re-call.

    Monster Compressor is built using a high quality resistors with 1% tolerance. FET transistors, electron tubes, meters and potentiometers are carefully match so the performance is identical in both channels.



    • Original construction guarantees unique sound
    • Minimalistic audio path based upon carefully selected components, ensures the best sound quality
    • FET transistor responsible for signal reduction, provides high speed compression and introduces even order harmonics to the signal. It gives the tracks more clarity and presence in the mix
    • The signal after the compressor is amplified by a discrete operational amplifier
    • Saturation circuit built with military grade electron tubes (NOS), with prolonged life, ensuring flawless work and excellent sound quality
    • Even harmonics boost in the tube saturation circuit
    • The "Mix" function allowing for mixing of the clean and processed sound
    • Switch based parameter control allows quick re-call and settings match for both channels

    Word on the Street

    “On being presented with the Monster Compressor, I found it to be one of the most creative and easy to use, but also sounding great pieces of gear, that I’ve used in a long time. All of my co-conspirators love it. It can do so many things over and above normal compressors, it’s consistent, it’s well made, sounds great and it’s good fun.”

    Mark "Flood" Ellis - Producer


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    Condition New
    Chassis 19-in Rackmount
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