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The man behind Vintage King Los Angeles, Jeff Ehrenberg has played a part in more than one VK-related milestone. Before his instrumental role in expanding the company's west coast division, Ehrenberg first worked with Vintage King founders Mike and Andrew Nehra over ten years ago, joining the Nehras' band at the time, Chrome Flies. The band was set to record at The White Room, Vintage King's flagship studio in Detroit. Already an experienced engineer and avid audiophile, Jeff spent an increasing amount of time at the studio, working on Chrome Flies and some of his other projects. This experience took his studio engineering and vintage equipment knowledge to the next level and, after spending five years in Detroit, Ehrenberg decided to move back to his home state of California, ultimately taking Vintage King Audio with him.

Jeff’s path into audio began at an early age, playing in garage bands and literally recording in a garage on a 1/4” 8-track when he was just 13 years old. Active in the music scene of Monterey, CA, his hometown, Ehrenberg recorded countless local underground bands, ran live sound at their shows, and eventually worked professionally as a live sound engineer for concerts, live events, and broadcast from the ages of 18 to 24. Once he relocated to Los Angeles, with an arsenal of recording gear and extensive knowledge of the industry in tow, Ehrenberg continued to work as Vintage King’s west coast sales representative and opened Infrasonic Sound Recording Co. with fellow engineer Pete Lyman in 2005. For Ehrenberg, the year 2012 was both hugely busy and hugely rewarding, as he helped launch every facet of Vintage King Los Angeles, creating a one-of-a-kind environment for like-minded musicians and engineers to experience incredible gear. When he's not helping clients at Vintage King Los Angeles, Ehrenberg can be found in a sea of analog and digital gear at Infrasonic, where he tracks on 2-inch, mixes, produces, and masters both CD and vinyl.

Jeffrey Q & A

What is your favorite piece of gear?

CLASP, Ursa Major Space Station, and my 1972 Gretsch drum kit.

What piece of gear do you think changed history?

The electric guitar.

What is your most memorable Vintage King sale?

There are far too many to single out just one.