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Chicago, Il.
Jeff Leibovich brings a wealth of experience to the Vintage King sales team, building on his skills as a musician and engineer both inside and outside the classroom. Prior to his position at VK, Leibovich interned at Audio Producers Group (Post House) and Hinge Studio in Chicago, where he worked with such artists as Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Donald Lawrence, and a number of notable hip-hop and Gospel musicians. Leibovich studied audio at the University of Michigan and was actually the first student at the University to use the newly installed API Vision 48-channel desk, thanks to his acceptance into the advanced studio techniques class. A few short years later, Leibovich now assists on sales of that very same console.

Leibovich began working with Vintage King in January 2007, after he applied for an internship. Based on the ambitious amount of audio experience he possessed, Leibovich was promptly hired as a sales assistant to co-owner Michael Nehra, learning the inner workings of audio sales directly from Nehra before moving into the position of Sales Support Manager and Sales for the Chicago area. Leibovich's band, Great Divide, released their debut full-length in 2010, which they tracked at Roshambo Studio (with fellow VK staff Darrin Fendley and Jacob Schneider) and The White Room (founded by Mike and Andrew Nehra). Great Divide has played across the country, including the Chicago Blues and Bluegrass Festival, alongside Bela Fleck and Dr. Dog. Leibovich can often be found working with his Vintage King clients while on the road with Great Divide, armed with a cell phone and wireless Internet. This dedication to customer service and musician's perspective provide a valuable insight for all of Leibovich’s client interactions.

Hey Jeff (Leibovich)

Thanks for reaching out! Love my Big Sky and thinking of moving into the Möbius! Mike Nehra is a longtime friend of mine and I must say outside friendship, VK staff absolutely Rock!! I've watched VK from the beginning and it has blossomed into a very respected company. Mike and Andy should be very pleased to know he has people like you supporting their vision. Cheers to you Jeff!!!! Thanks again!!!

John Kinney


Hi Jeff,

Thanks mate. It's 1am here and I'm just wrapping up for the day. I really appreciate your diligence and it's nothing short of everything I've come to expect from you, Matt Shultz and your team. I'd happily pay the extra import duty and wait the extra few days if it meant I was dealing with true and dedicated professionals such as yourselves. Thank you and Matt again for your professionalism and dedication and ill keep you both posted as thing progress.

Regards mate.
Jay - Australia

First off, Jeff Leibovich has helped me out above and beyond any customer service I have ever had at a company.

I love all the gear I bought from you guys and will be now shopping from you guys solely for my audio needs.

I really appreciate all of the help, honestly.

Dan Horton
Monitor Engineer (Lenny Kravitz, Justin Timberlake, KISS) - Nashville, TN

Hi Jeff (Leibovich)

Gear collected

Jeff this was once again absolutely superb service on such short notice. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Twilight Singers, Mark Lanegan)


Hi Jeff (Leibovich)

That's what I call good service. Thanks for getting everything to use so quickly so we can get to work.

Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Twilight Singers, Mark Lanegan)


Hi Jeff (Leibovich)

Thank you for checking in. I couldn't be happier or more pleased with my new Buzz Feiten guitar. It's sounds better and plays better than any of the 40 guitars I own.That includes any of my new custom made guitars like Tom Anderson, Suhr or any of my vintage guitars like 1953 Telecaster, 1963 Gibson 355 TDSV, or 1954 Fender Stratocaster, etc, etc.

Ed (Arkansas)


Hi Jeff,

We got all the gear and it is incredible. The Wunder and Shadow Hills pre's are awesome as you said they would be, the Beyerdynamic M160 blew our minds when we used it on our amps, the SM7b, EV's and all of the other gear is also great. I'm very happy! You were fantastic! I appreciate your special efforts to get us what we need in time. Hope you're ready because this is just the start:)

Oh and I want to thank you and VKLA for the kind words on the repost of our photo! Such a nice surprise!

Thank you so much!
Aviv Meshulam and MRTF Studio staff


Jeff (Leibovich),
FINALLY! I got time to get the whole room updated, new pro tools, new computer, cleaned up the wiring and we are running smooth! Thanks for the help along the way even though it was about a year in the making. I'll be sending you some pictures of the place and all of us in the room with your guy's shirts. Again, thanks a ton!

Adam P – Ohio


Thanks Jeff (Leibovich), i appreciate it. You’ve been so great to work with. It’s been so tough to find those who truly understand the gear!

Dan Silver, Silver Sessions


Thank you so much Jeff (Leibovich)!!

VK is the best!! that is why i always shop with you guys!!

Sid – Mexico


Hi Jeff (Leibovich)

I wanted to thank you for being such a great Sales Engineer. I am enjoying my gear and making great music with. Thanks.

Victor - Ecuador

Hey Jeff (Leibovich),

Thanks for checking in. The short answer is yes. I know you're a busy guy so you don't need to read on. If you do have a moment I wanted to say THANK YOU! You and the Vintage King crew are great. Cedric was very helpful and always answered his phone. When you're a small guy out here with a pile of technology it feels really great to know that the team that help put this together has your back. I felt 100% taken care of by you guys and always felt like you had my back. Thanks a ton! I really appreciate all that you guys have done and are doing for me.

Thanks again. Please pass on my gratitude to anyone who helped that I don't know. I'm very happy.

Take care,

Scott - Seattle, WA
Hi Jeff (Leibovich),

Received today, all fine as usual, top service!

Wladi (Switzerland)
Hi Jeff (Leibovich),
My new toys just arrived safe and well. I have installed and powered them up and will now go and make some noise. I plan on getting some more gear soon so will be in touch. Thank you for your excellent service.
Neil. – Australia

Hey Jeff (Leibovich),

Just wanted to say, thanks for all the help with all the equipment! Everything is working great and sounding great!

We’ll definitely be doing business with you again!

Rockford First Church

Hello (Jeff Leibovich),
Get my order today, very good.
thank you, come back to you soon.

Hi Jeff (Leibovich),

I've just received x73i. 273 will be here tomorrow. Dangerous is already in my rack. Thank you very much. What you did guys seems almost impossible to me. I consider to buy all the stuff I need for my studio in VK even if there are options in our local market. Definitely the best service and the best attitude that you can't get elsewhere.

Oleg (Russia)
Hi Jeff (Leibovich)

I just have assembled and made first test of BCM... It is awesome in sound and look... Thank you very much for great work that you and Vintage King had done for me…If you interesting, i could send some videos to illustrate its sound.

Best Regards to you and whole VK staff.
Roustem - Russia (purchased Neve BCM 10 loaded all vintage Neve 1084)
Jeff (Leibovich),

I am beyond grateful for your efforts and your extended services for my business. Thank you.

Ziggy (Norway)
Hey Jeff
Just received the avedis ma5 and the api lunchbox. I had it setup in just minutes! Thanx! You were not kidding bout it having a big sound. I plugged in my bass guitar and wow! Jeez its really transparent. The next thing to get is mojave ma 200 hopefully soon. I will keep u posted, thanx again.

Hey Jeff (Leibovich)

Thanks for all your help with my gear order. Everything is all setup now and sounding fantastic! Love the Bock 251!
Peter, Toronto
Jeff (Leibovich),
Elop has just been racked in the studio…what a beauty!

I’d like to thank you for your excellent service and support, you’ve been very kind and patient with me, I really appreciate it.

With no doubt I’ll keep on buying gear from you and recommend your great service.

All the best
Hey Jeff (Leibovich),
Everything is going great.. all the mics, the pre and the compressor sound amazing and we're totally happy. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us !! happy new year brother.

Dan B, Baltimore
Q & A
What is your favorite piece of gear?
Recording Gear that I own would be my Avedis MA5s. Recording Gear I want most is a Helios Console loaded with Vintage Type 69s. Instrument wise, it would have to be the Steinway baby grand that still sits at my parent’s house. This is the piano I learned to play on and is still my favorite piano to sit in front of to play.
What piece of gear do you think has changed history?
Multi-track tape machines or the AD/DA converter/DAWs.
What's your most memorable Vintage King sale?
They are all memorable, but if I had to pick one, it would be working with Paul Cavanaugh and Scott Kennerly to set up ZocoChico Studio out in San Diego. They asked me for my wish list of gear and ended up purchasing nearly the whole list of items. It was rewarding to feel the trust that was put toward my opinion despite some of the long lead times (Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor and Barefoot MM35s). They were pleased enough to keep the gear I brought to their attention.