Jean-Marie Riachi

Jean-Marie Riachi

Composer, Arranger and Music Producer Jean-Marie Riachi established his own JMR Audio Productions in Rabieh and then went on to create the first publishing company in the Middle East (OMP : Oriental Music Publishing). In addition, he created Oreole Records, the first label in the region to solely produce instrumental albums.

Jean-Marie has produced a significant series of hits for leading stars like Majida Al Roumy, Jose Carreras, Yousoun Ndour, Elissa, Nawal Al Zoughbi, Assi Hellani, Ramy Ay-ach, Haifa Wehbeh, Ragheb Alameh, Latifa, Carole Samaha and many more. He has also produced several sound-tracks, among them the documentary movie “Les Cendres du Phoenix” and the theme song, ‘Nour El Shams’ by Pascale Machaalany for the blockbuster Hollywood movie “Spy Game”.


2003 “Aychalak “ by Elissa, winner of the Murex D’or for best song.
2004 “Ma Trouhsh Beid” by Latifa, winner of a World Music Award in Las Vegas.
2005 “Ahla Dounia” album for Elissa received the award of best-selling album in Lebanon and North Africa at the World Music Awards held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.
2007 “Habbaytak Ana” composed and arranged by Jean-Marie and performed by Ramy Ayach won the Murex D’or for best song.
2008 “Sea Of Stars”: Winner of the Murex D’or for” best sound track, songs, and best arrangement.
2009 Platinum Virgin Megastore Award for Belaaks Album

Jean-Marie's Favorite Gear:

  1. 1095 Neve (vintage king box
    My best preamp ever, just sounds great on everything.
  2. Retro 176
    What a great tool on vocals.
  3. API 2500
    One of my best compressors, on drums, percussion. And on my mix bus, very serious gear.
  4. Drawmer S3
    This a magical gear, specially when I use it on bad quality recordings.
  5. Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
    I got this compressor to use it in my mastering room, I tried it once on my master bus.... I couldn't take it out till now!
  6. Weiss ADC2
    This is My CONVERTER.
  7. SPL Vitalizer
    I like the machines that change my sounds, it's a great sound processor.
  8. Telefunken U 47- vf14
    No mic can compete with this, especially for the Loud sources.
  9. Tube-Tech CL1B
    Great compressor, vocals and bass.
  10. CharterOak SCL1
    I think this is a very unique piece of gear, it's great on loud signals, you will never hear the pumping effect of usual compressors.