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Jason Cropper brings over twenty years of experience as a musician, producer, and engineer to Vintage King Audio. Equally as important are Cropper’s in-depth understanding and incredible passion for vintage and boutique recording equipment. This knowledge base is bolstered by Cropper’s previous sales and rental experience with companies including GC Pro and Ocean Way, where Cropper ran the day-to-day rental operation of Classic Equipment Rentals for twelve years.

A founding member of the band Weezer, Jason Cropper’s passion for audio equipment set his multi-faceted career on the fast track, both in front of and behind the mic. After amicably parting ways with Weezer in 1993, Cropper went on to start the band Chopper One. Following a handful of successful releases and tour dates in the mid '90s, Cropper accepted his position as Operations Manager for Ocean Way’s rental company, Classic Equipment Rentals, or better known to some as “Ocean Way To Go.” It was here that Cropper truly familiarized himself with the ever-evolving pro-audio market, creating turnkey studio solutions for the likes of Rick Rubin and his army of recording engineers in Los Angeles. Cropper oversaw studio installations that materialized practically overnight, taking blank rooms in the Hollywood Hills and transforming them into fully functional, high-end studios. Cropper’s expertise in the studio is also due in no small part to his work as a producer and engineer. While working at Ocean Way through most of the 2000s, Jason was also busy recording at his home studio on the weekends – a second income stream and favorite pastime. When Cropper isn’t working or playing music, he can be found surrounded by family and friends, snowboarding, hiking, by the Pacific Ocean, or around the table for a locally sourced, home-cooked meal.

Dear all,

Many times people take time to give feedback when things go wrong, but rarely find the time to express appreciation when receiving great service.

I am writing about experiences I had with Jason in Sales and Dave in tech support last night. Let me give you a bit of background first.

I was working with another reseller and had just purchased two systems recommended by them that ended up not working in my setup. After many hours on support call, and even remote access to my system they could not get things working. It was clear they were not properly trained and did not know the gear. The frustration for me was that the vendor helped design my system and couldn't even get components to properly integrate.

The challenge here is I am right in the middle of final mixing of my album and have now been down for weeks due to this problem. I won't name the reseller, but they are a large organization that brags they are the only one with complimentary 2 years of tech support. I have worked with at least 4-5 of their support people, and although they are nice, they are very inexperienced.

Now to my experience with Vintage King.

During my call with sales rep - Jason things were a bit bumpy at the beginning (not his fault) and I think I still had so much frustration built-up from my last experience. Jason was calm, and said let's just start over and work together to get what you need. He discussed different options, and even recommended a less expensive option that will do everything I needed. (Never had a music store sale rep do that - Good job being long-term minded). He picked the perfect product, and I received it in two days - Nice work Vintage King.

I needed some help getting the logical routing setup and Jason referred me to Dave in support. Dave called me back within the hour (amazing), and let me describe the problem. He was incredibly patient, professional and got things set up in a relatively short time. He even explained what he was doing and gave me a visual way to remember the routing options. I went from being completely in the dark about the routing (manual not so good, and limited online reference as is a new product), and after his explanations I have a much better grasp on things.

Now I can finally get back on track with my project, and the product I received is perfect for my needs, and doesn't break the bank. I have so many other needs for my studio, and I will most certainly bring my business to Vintage King.

Thanks for making sure you have both a strong, professional sales team and tech support rocks!

Music can finally be fun again!

Kind regards,
Steven Barbara

To whom it may concern,

Jason was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and responsive concerning any questions I had for him during my "gear selection" and purchase process. In short, he made it easy and streamlined the process so I could continue working without long wait's between issues that may have been of concern to me. Cedric has also done an wonderful job with tech support. He is clearly a valuable asset to Vintage King Audio. I appreciate his time kindness and patience, as well as human element he offered in this world of automated responses to tech support issues. These gentlemen made me feel as though Vintage King Audio actually cares about its customers and treats them as folks that will be lifelong customers.

I know after my purchase and tech support experiences with VKA, I have become one of those "lifetime customers". Thanks for all your hard work and careful help...

Every success,

Michael H
Fairfax VA

Got the UA 2-610, the unit was clean and packed tight. I put it on the desk and started tracking with it, one word - Glorious :)
Thanks for the bonus two VKA xlr cables, they sounded so good I couldn't even hear em' in the track! lol ;)

Thank you for saving the day for us! The pro tools upgrade worked flawlessly and got the session up and running quickly.

It was unbelievable how quickly our problem was solved; phone call, solution, delivery, done and all in a matter of hours... Awesome!!!

And thanks to Johnny too, you're both a God send.
Chris K
Thank you Jason, your expertise, time and effort has been critical in our goal to achieve a higher level of sound quality and this is very much appreciated!!

Best regards,
John T.
I would recommend vintage king to any one looking for top class gear, unbeatable customer service, and the best prices on the map!

Jason Cropper is the man to work with too! He helped me perfect my order, answer my questions, and gave GREAT advice toward my recording needs. He sees the big picture and has a devout customer for life in me!

Thanks vintage king and Jason!

I'd like to thank the sales representative Jason Cropper for such nice attention with me. I called from Brazil and he was very patience and helped me a lot with all my needs.

Thanks for the good service Jason, I really appreciated that!

Rick A.
Dude, thanks for taking care of me yesterday. The past month has been a blur.. But I can say for sure that without your help yesterday, this very important session this morning could not have happened like it did. You are the best!

Dale B.
Thank you sooo much. Vintage King has been so fair and easy to work with. I can't thank you enough during such a hefty purchase. It feels good to have folks so knowledgable and helpful. A sound designers dream store...

Noa L.
Excellent salesperson and transaction!

Thank you,
Robert F
Q & A
What is your favorite piece of gear?
Ampex ATR124 - looks like a cross between a refrigerator and something out of Battlestar Galactica - BUT nothing sounds like this tape machine. Best bump in the low end and a sweet top that can't be beat.
What piece of gear do you think has changed history?
A lot of great equipment was brought to us by Bill Putnam Sr., including un-noticed innovations in stereo as an eventual consumer format for popular music. Though he did not invent stereo, I think that his contributions to production equipment as well as helping to give birth to the two channel stereo master format should be historically noted. Many of his innovations helped give rise to the glory of FM radio - which until just recently, dominated how much of the world listens to well-recorded music. Along this line of thinking - together, FM radio and stereo recordings changed history. Rock & Roll anyone?
What made you want to work with Vintage King?
I have a passion for audio equipment that has been burning inside me ever since I was young. The people here at Vintage King are a special group. They have developed a very successful family business. That appeals to me. We have values in common - honesty, humility, curiosity, a will to stretch for excellence - and most importantly, we share a passion for creating solutions for creative people that exceed their expectations.