Guitar Gear


Welcome, Guitar fanatics

A killer-sounding guitar can make or break a recording, drop jaws at a gig and inspire hoards of young dreamers for decades to come. Crafting great guitar tone isn't an obsession limited solely to guitar players, either. Top engineers and producers know from experience the need to keep a stash of great pedals, amplifiers, and guitars around as an important part of their sonic palette, right up there with a stocked mic closet, a variety of preamps and compressors, and so on.

We spent the past year tirelessly auditioning every single piece of gear in this collection. Our goal was simple — to find only the highest quality, greatest-sounding stuff. Every pedal, amp, and guitar was passed around and tested by our cadre of top pro and weekend warrior players until each gave their personal seal of approval. If we didn't think the sound quality was up to snuff, we're not carrying it. If it didn't inspire us to play 'til our fingers bled, we're not carrying it.

It's just part of the insane lengths we go to in order to help you find the perfect sound.