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Eventide H3000D/SX Harmonizer #9860 (Used)

Stereo multi-effects processor

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Product Description
Additional Information
  • Product Description

    The Eventide H3000-D/SX starts with the programs and presets from the "musician's standard" H3000-S, including the legendary Steve Vai presets. And then it goes further, with a selection of terrific new features. It all adds up to one incredible value.

    New features

    • Mod Factory dynamic algorithms
    • 19 waveform LFO function generator
    • Six-octave Multi-Shift algorithm
    • 100 guitar presets from top names

    Mod Factory is the unique modular "algorithm construction kit" which was developed for our top-of-the-line H3500 Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor. It's now available in the H3000-D/SX for thousands less. The two Mod Factory algorithms create an almost infinite variety of dynamic effects. Each algorithm includes a full set of independent processing modules, from delays and filters or pitch shifters to envelopes, modulators and mixers. The user can skillfully patch these modules together in any combination.

    Factory presets based on Mod Factory include "ducked" delays (echoes that only appear between vocal or instrumental phrases), BPM delays and sweeps, compression, manual flanging, reverbs that respond instantly to audio input level and more. Unlike ordinary static effects devices, these dynamic effects add a new intensity to your music.

    The built-in waveform function generator operates like a synthesizer's LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator). With 19 periodic or triggered waveforms which are assignable to virtually any parameter of any program, plus pink and white noise generators, this function generator is another way the H3000-D/SX adds new life to your sound. Sound effects that can be triggered via MIDI , autopans, tremolos, and unique chorus modulations can add breath or breathe fire into your performances.

    Wider range and cleaner sound. That's the story in a nutshell about the newly developed six-octave Multi-Shift algorithm. What else would you expect from Eventide, the company that created digital pitch shifting and invented the Harmonizer brand processor in the first place?

    Also includes almost 100 new guitar presets from top industry names such as Joe Satriani, Vernon Reid, Bob Bradshaw, Matt Henderson, Henry Kaiser, Andrew Schlesinger, Mesa Boogie, Steve Vai and more. Count on these presets to give your performances star quality.

    Features from the H3000
    • Advanced true stereo pitch shift
    • Diatonic pitch shifting
    • Wide variety of exceptional reverse and effects
    • Original Steve Vai guitar preset
    • Versatile MIDI implementation
    If the new D/SX features are the icing on the cake, all the original, quintessential H3000 features are the cake itself. Unlike effects boxes which may do just one or two things well, the H3000-D/SX is exceptionally well balanced. It's an outstanding stereo pitch shifter, a world-class reverb, a treasure trove of effects. In all there are almost 300 presets and every one is truly usable.

    The pitch shift algorithms include true stereo, full bandwidth pitch shifting, reverse shift, layered shift, plus Eventide's unique Diatonic Pitch shift programs. Specify a key signature, scale or mode and Diatonic Pitch Shift automatically turns any note into a diatonically correct triad.
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    Condition Used / Vintage
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